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Just finished reading Sammy Tippit's God's Secret Agent. It's an autobiography about Sammy Tippit who has preached the gospel on every continent. This book covers his time in the 70's through 90's where he went behind the Iron Curtain and other closed countries to share the love of Christ.

I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at the Writing for the Soul conference and then briefly met him as he autographed my copy of  God's Secret Agent.

The back of the book says it will will expand your vision. That it did. I found his continuing story very inspiring.

Sammy talks about measuring success by the results of our actions. It is so easy for us to do that. When we do, we feel unsuccessful most of the time. Most things in life just don't stack up to our lofty standards. Instead, Sammy helped me to discover that success is measured only in obedience. If I do what God is asking me to do, then I don't have to worry about the outcome. I've already won and received all the success I need.

What are you using to measure success in your own life?



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4 thoughts on “Success

  1. Hi Audra,
    We are very much a results-oriented world. Stock market. School grades. Company profits. Fundraisers. The list goes on and on. Success is based upon the results we’ve achieved. So, this idea of success measured by obedience – this is such a new thought for me. Obedience to God. I like it. And it has me thinking that this also leads to more meaningful prayer and time spent with God. If we’re going to be obedient, we have to take some time to connect with our Holy Father.
    So, have I been doing this? Honestly, no. I have not been measuring my success based upon my obedience to God. And I’m letting this thought bounce around in my head – and even more – in my heart. Audra, this really has me thinking today as to how I really do define success. Thank you. For opening my heart even more to our loving God!

  2. Hi Lance,
    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment with insights into your heart and mind. I believe the culture is greatly at fault for setting an unachievable, ridiculously high bar to measure success. If we continue to follow the culture, we will just keep running on the hamster wheel…running really fast and long and never getting anywhere. I believe that you are more obedient than you realize Lance, which means you’ve already won! Success isn’t a destination, it’s now and forever a journey.

  3. Measure? Hmm.
    I just try to be a little better than yesterday.

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  4. Definitely feelings!
    I have been lucky or perhaps that is not the right word, I have been accountable and chose to detach from society’s measure of success and now follow the inner soul and thus the feelings I feel. I choose to feel good no matter what, and being able to do that, I feel is a measure of success to me for I want to see the beauty and meaning in all.
    Thank you for asking 🙂

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