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Doing their own stunts?

I cannot stop watching this video of the Evian Roller Babies. Hilarious!

What I find even more funny though, is that some people (you know who you are) think the babies really performed these tricks.

Now, I gave birth to the most talented children on earth. Our oldest taught himself to rollerblade at the age of 4. He could do really cool stuff, none of which was was seen in this video. Well, maybe a few of the dance moves. (Sorry bud….)

And to my knowledge, he always wore a helmet. We all know Evian would have never been able to take on the liability of the babies performing without helmets. 

Come on people!

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6 thoughts on “Doing their own stunts?

  1. OK, this is hilarious – i’m still laughing out loud. This should have been a super bowl commercial – or maybe it was?

  2. I don’t think it was, it seems pretty new. But I’m a non TV watcher, so what do I know. It’s probably been out for years. : )

  3. Hey Audra,
    Well…I’ve never saw this either (although I don’t watch much television either). And it’s so funny!!! What a fun way to start my day!

  4. Ha! What a trip. The music brings back memories of roller skating (nope, not the in-line kind!) at a “skating rink”. Still laughing!

  5. I saw this at the news station that I work at. This is some seriously goofy footage, and it was accomplished with real babies being carried around, and having CGI bodies superimposed over them. The part where they all jump onto the fence is what gets me… LOL.

  6. LOL, I have seen this a few times too Audra and it IS hilarious! The babies are sooooo cute! And I got to give it to the company, this is one catchy ad! Probably my favorite one thus far 🙂

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