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Getting in Shape

Just finished Ron Kardashian's Getting in Shape God's Way. I've read all the fitness books, tried every way I'd ever heard of to lose weight, but am finally doing it the right way – God's way. I'll never need another fitness book again. 

Over the years I've found a handful of things that do work for me, as far as healthy living. The beauty of this book, is that it reminds us of 4 keys to making any diet or fitness program work. I say "reminds" because these are things that are already inside of us. It's all about changing yourself on the inside to get lasting changes on the outside. 
The book comes with a DVD, best foods guide and exercise programs. Watch the powerful, short video below for more information. 


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3 thoughts on “Getting in Shape

  1. Starting on the inside – that’s where real change comes from. Audra, thanks so much for sharing this – what a story he has to tell! This book sounds excellent!

  2. thanks for the tip. It sounds like just what I need. one thing I know and it’s that I can’t do it MYSELF.

  3. My 6-year old once put my on a no-Coke diet for a week. My reward for completing the diet, according to him, is more Coke.
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