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Vision vs. Expectation

Last Sunday our pastor was preaching on the book of Acts and the vision for our Church.  He referenced Proverbs 29:18

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" – KJV
It seems that the people also perish, when expectations aren't met. I believe though, that there is a difference between vision and expectations.  
Expectation is a feeling that seems to just happen to us and rears it's ugly head when our expectations aren't met. Someone does the opposite of what we expected them to do and our ambiguous expectations become crystal clear as they're framed by disappointment. A lot of expectations aren't revealed until it's too late. When our expectations are revealed after the fact, it makes expectation look and feel dishonest. Expectation is a lonely job, often capped by deciding "we just won't have any expectations", believing we are insulating ourselves from the disappointments of life. Most of the time though, we don't consciously form our expectations. They pop up as a reaction to everyday situations.
But vision…. Vision is glorious. Vision is life-giving. Vision births a dream in advance and works to honestly clarify authentic direction. Vision leaves room for change, growth, and the unexpected.We never need to be protected from vision, because it is fluid and in motion, it can handle changes in direction. Vision is an overall guide, the goodness of what we want things to be. It is alive and active. Vision respectfully includes others and never quits, never gives up.
Question: Are you living with a series of private expectations that are impossible for others to meet? Or are you casting a life-giving vision that includes all people?

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3 thoughts on “Vision vs. Expectation

  1. Hi Audra,
    Hmmm….I’m really thinking about this one. I’d like to say I’m casting that life-giving vision, except if I look deeply – I do see hints of those silent expectations. I think I’ve gotten better, especially in the last few years, although – I know I sometimes create these unknown expectations, especially for those closest to me. Time to dig a little deeper…

  2. Hi Lance,
    Glad I could remind you to get out the shovel…just kidding. I think we do have to dig deep to find out what expectations lie in wait. They seem to just appear, from nowhere and then it’s too late. They often surprise us with their intensity when we are disappointed. I’ll bet you do a great job of casting a vision for your family. Back to school time is a great time to revisit the vision…we are doing that at our scheduled family meeting Sunday night, which is the night before school starts.

  3. What an awesome post Audra! Oh, to only write the vision into action. We often leave our expectations at the door while refusing to write His vision and pursue His path.

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