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God Wants to Hear You Sing

Yes – even you!  Don't be thinking He doesn't mean all of us. It's a joyful noise after all!  Here are 15 stories to bring hope to these difficult times we continue to live in. Endorsed by Bill Gaither and many others, God Wants To Hear You Sing is the reminder we all need: we can always trust God in hard times.

My favorite part of the book, is what I'm always working toward. The chance to be a part of something bigger than myself. After the music fades, after I've given my heart in full worship, what next? That's where real living begins, being a blessing to others, doing random acts of kindness that cannot be returned. 
Lead me on Father, lead me on.



ATLANTAGA (November 2008) –For many of us and for our families and our neighbors, these are difficult times. But if we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can more readily bear a hardship today. It's the power of hope that puts a song in our hearts. That’s the message Bestselling author Ruthie Jacobsen (her eleventh book) and award-winning Southern gospel singer/song writer Rodney Griffin are touting in their newest book, God Wants to Hear You Sing!

The stories in the book describe life's ultimate reality show, so their appeal is universal. Not all the stories have "story book endings," but even those that don't, show how it is possible to draw strength in every situation as they found hope from the God of hope. Everybody likes a good story, and even if your story doesn't exactly match the characters in the book you will find yourself drawing strength for your own valleys.
Each of the 15 easy-read chapters tells a story of someone who found their way through a challenging situation and turned to God for strength to cope. Created to inspire and encourage, God Wants to Hear You Sing! teaches the energizing power of hope. One reader said, "It's like 'Chicken Soup for the Soul,' only set to music!"
This motivational book has been strongly endorsed by well-known secular leaders like former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, music legends like gospel singer Bill Gaither, and faith-based figures such as In Touch Ministries founder and popular television personality Dr. Charles Stanley. (See "Book Reviews" above.)
Available in softcover for $18.97, God Wants to Hear You Sing! comes with a free full-length CD of the music described in the book. It is also available with the music CD in audio book format. Available on, or at your local bookstore. 
If you have ever hurt, or wanted to help someone who has, the message of the book is one you will treasure: We can trust God even in the rough spots. That's what gives us hope; that's what makes it possible for us to sing, even if the future seems uncertain.


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3 thoughts on “God Wants to Hear You Sing

  1. Hey Audra,
    First off – I love the new picture you have up! (you look so happy…)
    Second – the whole idea of trusting God in good times AND bad…so good to hear. It can be easy to become disillusioned in that God has abandoned us during these difficult times. What I believe is that He’s there more than ever in these times, carrying us when it seems difficult to go on. The question is – do we see Him…in our heart and in our soul? So – this book/CD set sounds wonderful.

  2. Excellent reminder. Full believer in that concept. Saw your tweet about Etta James and Ray Charles, nice.

  3. Hi Lance! Thanks for the comments on the pic, I am a happy girl!
    I think we all do what you said, believe God has forsaken us every time something bad happens. I agree, He carries us…..
    @Ralph Thanks for stopping by. I was over at your blog, I like it!

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