Audra Krell

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Back to School Unreadiness


In case you can't tell, they didn't want this picture taken on the first day of school. Hence the tolerating smiles. Keegan escaped the picture as he had to be at school early on the first day.

These two gentleman have had a few laughs over my back-to-school behavior.  

First, I introduced Steve to Landon's teacher as "Landon's mother Steve."  Caught myself. "His other mom. We're a very progressive family." 

Then yesterday, I was desperately attempting to navigate the insane drop-off lane, when there was a loud, metallic pop, like a small gunshot. 

 I had hit the "Stop for Children in Crosswalk" sign, scraping the paint off my side view mirror and dragging it for a bit. 

Luckily, there were no children in the crosswalk, because now the sign is.

Obviously I'm not ready for this. I'll try to get it together by Christmas break.


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8 thoughts on “Back to School Unreadiness

  1. Good luck Audra!! (maybe Christmas will come early…)
    And…I’m laughing!! Ah…back to school…

  2. I think the whole family is wishing for Christmas early Lance!!! Glad you are laughing….how many calories do you think you just burned?

  3. That’s too good. I’ll be sure to avoid you when driving. Wait, I don’t drive… ha!

  4. just a few jitters. i have full confidence you will be in full mommy swing in a couple days. Fun post!

  5. I am loving this post, Audra! Too funny! What we do for our children! 🙂

  6. Oh Audra, I’m cracking slap up! SORRY! Cannot help myself. Just a reminder of where I’ve been before. And no doubt, where I shall go again.
    By the way, I LOVE your new pic! Good to see the close-up shot! You are beautiful!

  7. Audra, I love you! You crack me up. We’ve been at this school thing for 5 weeks. All I can say is, I heart yellow school buses! No carpool lanes for me. I’d probably get a speeding ticket LOL

  8. Thanks ladies and Lance,I love all of you too! Yes, I’m learning to make the ole yellow school bus my new best friend. But that means we have to get up earlier and with even less sleep, who knows what I’ll do next?

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