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Tweet Her Like A Lady


Self promotion is all the rage and if you don't build your brand, who will? 

Constantly exercising the chat feature however, or flapping your virtual jaw too often can actually ruin your relationships. Think about it – you've worked hard to find and develop potential clients.  You send several updates per day via Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and any other roof you can shout your name from. Do you really think people want to chat after that?

Most people feel current about your life, because of your status updates. Chatting takes up a lot of time that serious marketing professionals don't have. If you want to talk to someone beyond their status updates and you have permission, give them a call. Better yet, meet face to face. 

Chat rooms, instant messaging and other features can be effective promotional tools. Use caution though and set limits on how long you'll chat, never give out personal information and always display respectful chat behavior.

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2 thoughts on “Tweet Her Like A Lady

  1. Audra,
    I couldn’t agree more – when I’ve had the opportunity to take an online conversation offline (either phone or face-to-face) this has deeply strengthened that relationship. Which reminds me…when are we going to meet???

  2. Hi Lance,
    When are you coming to Surprise, AZ? That is when we will meet and I’ll start getting the back yard ready for a big baseball game!

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