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No Longer Rockin the Beer Gut

I don't even like beer, but even so, us ladies can develop the dreaded beer gut. After 4 months and 12,000 treadmill miles, I'm no longer rockin the beer gut. May it always be so.
This song is quickly climbing the country charts. . .wow.


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5 thoughts on “No Longer Rockin the Beer Gut

  1. Good for you, Audra; that’s so awesome!!! I’d noticed your new pic even before this post; you look great! Twelve thousand miles?!? That’s going the distance!

  2. That’s pretty cool! 12000 miles, wow! Almost sounds impossible when it’s added up all together like that.

  3. Audra,
    So awesome!! You’re doing amazing, and I’m so impressed with you dedication. Keep at it, you look fantastic! Even greater than that, though, is how you feel – and I’m sure you feel even better than that!!

  4. If I did 100 miles per day for four months I would have 12,000 miles. I was just trying to exaggerate how many miles it took me to lose some weight. Next time I’ll use a word like “BaJillion” or something.
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I was also looking for a way to tie in this hilarious song with a post. . .it truly is climbing the country charts.

  5. ahh! such a great feeling!!! happy for you!!!

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