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Find Your Strongest Life

This book by Marcus Buckingham is about "what the happiest and most successful women do differently." And here's the good news right off the bat, they aren't
perfect women, nor are they striving to be. 

All the constant striving we women do, leads to serious problems. We've finally become the men Gloria Steinem said we should be, and yet sadly, statistics show, that we are not happier. In fact we are quite a bit unhappier than our 1960's and 70's counterparts. Even with all the opportunity, equality and advancement, depression among women is at an all time high. 

 Striving to be perfect jugglers of life isn't living at all. This book shows women how to catch and cherish the right moments, the strong moments that lead to happiness. No one's life is perfect, but we can be strong, happy women. It's all about choosing the way we look at life.

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4 thoughts on “Find Your Strongest Life

  1. Audra,
    I had the opportunity to see Marcus Buckingham speak about a year ago, and it was a powerful lesson in living, and really finding your strengths. Very excellent material! So, I’m sure this will be too, and it just feels that way after watching this video. Great information to spread, Audra!

  2. how funny… speaks to one of my latest posts… about how overwhelmed and frustrated i am with all my “constant striving.” sounds like a must read.

  3. wow, that looks like a very, very interesting book. One that I feel I am needing right about now.

  4. Hope you are well Heather. I think you will enjoy this book!

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