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Christmas Letters


There are two types of Christmas letters. One is the four page, single spaced, double sided, depressing, shoot- me- now letter. The other is the one I usually send out. All the accolades I can pack onto one page, highlighting my kid's Student Council Presidency, Honor Society, Ministry involvement, music awards, sports highlights and charity volunteerism. I've heard those make the average reader a little sick. 

But this year I didn't send one out. It would have been the year to do it. Our family collectively suffered a nasty ankle sprain, chronic sinus infections, Croup, Wry Neck, double foot surgery, an appendectomy, a Grade III concussion which rendered our son momentarily blind, disease in both knees, at least 6 ER visits, two hospital stays, and probably a Partridge in a Pear Tree. The list was so unbelievable that I couldn't bring myself to write it. So I thought I would do it differently this year.

It's simple really. God has never been better to us. After every valley, I would have mountain top moments where I needed to "tell it on the mountain." 

Jesus Christ is born and He loves all of us deeply.

 He has brought Peace.

Am I anxious for these trying medical times to be over? Absolutely. I cannot wait for 2010, only because I know the best is yet come.


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10 thoughts on “Christmas Letters

  1. I can’t bring myself to writing a Christmas letter for the second year in a roll. I’ve always heard in the past, “You write the best Christmas letters.” They have even have said that when life hasn’t been all good :). But this year, I am just not sure what I would say. Maybe I could just write what I put on my blog, or I like your one line especially, “After every valley, I would have mountain top moments where I needed to “tell it on the mountain.” What I learned from reading your post is that we all have those “awkward” seasons in our lives, regardless if it’s about medical issues or losses. Thanks for sharing Audra!

  2. Thanks for your great comment JoAnne. One "gain" for this year, is us getting to know each other. We could have put that in our Christmas letters!  ha ha!

  3. Isn’t it “funny” how things come in themes in our lives? I know it’s not funny at all to experience these serious medical issues, but funny how God heals and shows us who he is – his faithfulness and power. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It is funny Annie!  Joy has always come in the morning, and for that we can definitely laugh.

  5. Hi Audra. I stumbled across this blog of yours today. It’s nice that you send out Christmas cards every year, and from your description of injuries, I can understand why you didn’t this year. That’s a lot of issues in one year. I hope you and your family can recover from it, and that 2010 brings you guys much healthy, joy, and happiness.

  6. Audra,
    As we start this new year, know that I look at you, and see the shining beauty of God (and Jesus) in you. And that makes me smile. Audra, I wish you a year that is one filled with many moments of wonderful health. More than that, though, I wish you a year that is filled with God’s amazing and gracious love…

  7. Thank you for stopping over and commenting Hulbert. We are stronger than ever, going through hard things does one of two things, kills ya or makes you stronger. Our family chose to be stronger and closer than ever. So all in all, these things have been blessings! Happy New Year to you!

  8. You have brought me to tears! Thank you for your kindness. I thank God for our friendship and wish you and yours the very same love of Christ in 2010!

  9. Way to keep your focus! The valleys truly are blessings in ways that the mountaintops can never be.

  10. You gaining lots of hearts…I read your blog post also the comments on you…Excellent! you should proud about the lots of loved hearts through this comments…Audra..! will you take me as your friend…?your soft heart inspire me..waiting for your reply.

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