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IStock_000003781332XSmall  It's a new year, the beginning of a new decade. I was surprised to see Time magazine refer to the last one as "The Decade from Hell." 


Not that a lot of horrific things didn't happen over the last ten years. We've won, laughed, loved, lost, cried, shook our fist at the man, grimaced, frowned and furled. But no matter what has happened, I won't characterize a quarter of my life as the "time from hell."

So the next decade is going to be all about learning and living with abandon. I'm going to be open to the places deep inside that never see light, I'll talk about topics I'd rather avoid and I will continue to break free of cultural definitions of self, others and God.

And that's just for starters.

What have you got?


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11 thoughts on “Living with Abandon

  1. Everything you said– I agree! Calling these last ten years the decade from hell is an insult to those who lived through depression era, WWI and II, and many other events in the past…I wont go there, it’s too early. Anyway, Yes on living with abandon and to help me I’ve started reading a book by Janice Lundy (she was featured on Lance’s blog The Jungle of Life), the book is “your truest self: Embracing the Woman You Are meant to Be.” I am rediscovering myself. Thanks for yet another fantastic word for this year!!

  2. Audra,
    I don’t see the last ten years as hell at all. Sure, there were some bad things. There were also some really great things. And I’m focusing on that. And one of those great things – being here and knowing you. I mean that very much, you are a shining ray of hope in our world. Keep on being that…always…

  3. Audra,
    Nice to read your positive spin on what has been a personally challenging time for so many. Many people have suffered hardship but it is all about how we relate to that hardship. Do we accept the invitation to grow through it? I hope so. It seems as if you are showing the way. Wonderful!
    By the way, I learned that one of your commentators (Spin Diva) was reading my book, Your Truest Self, so I poppped in to her site to say hi too. Blessings!

  4. Audra,
    I came to your site from Lance’s site. I agree with you about the last decade…saying it’s the decade from hell doesn’t fit for me. It was a decade of great personal learning and growth for me!! Maybe that’s because I quit watching the news regularly and found I was much happier:~)
    I think your idea of living the next decade with abandon sounds like fun. I want to live my next decade with acceptance and trust.
    I want to accept people as they are, including myself and trust in the world to unfold as it’s meant to be:~)

  5. Thanks for stopping over ladies. I like how we can network and share thoughts, attitudes and books that are working for us. Janice, congratulations on your book!

  6. Thanks for coming over from the jungle Sara! Yes, the news is nothing but bad news. I love your attitude for the next decade, you will make the world a better place with your attitude of acceptance.

  7. The last ten years – the best of times and the worst of times. There is nothing I would change when it gets right down to it.
    I will be looking forward and living life.

  8. I wouldn't change a single thing either. I would never choose to go through some of it, but as long as God saw fit for it to happen, I won't waste it!

  9. Audra,
    Times can get tough… in my opinion that is so we don’t get too comfortable and continue to long for our real home. We are just visitors here! In the meantime, God provides lots and lots of wonderful moments. I praise Him for that. Just love your thoughts.

  10. Hi, Audra! Like you, I’m going to try and live with more abandon and as I wrote on Lance’s blog, PASSION! While the last ten years were challenging in many ways, they were oh-so-necessary to bring us where we are today. So like you, I’m not sure I’d call them out as being bad like the magazine did (what do the media know, anyway?!).
    Everything is based on individual karma filters – how we process these lives we’re leading. For Bill Gates, the last decade was probably pretty good, for instance! (Then again, I shouldn’t be speculative.)
    Authenticity will surface from the depths of our souls for many of us in the coming years — not that we haven’t been living authentic lives up until now, just that there’s always more buried deep beneath the surface that’s hard to access. I think 2010 is the start of all of that changing. The energy feels different, somehow; lighter and more conducive to radical awakening.
    Love & joy to you!

  11. In last ten years I have learned many things from the life..because we start step into life…we have to give out every solution to God but hard work with us…thanks for this spirit post and also the photo…the bright girl…nice post keep sharing.

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