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Christian Meditation

Finding Inner Peace

Often we are wary of meditation because of it's association with Eastern religions. Christians will be surprised to find that meditation is viewed as an ancient spiritual discipline. While other meditative practices focus on emptying the mind, Christian meditation concentrates on filling the mind with scripture and the Holy Spirit. 

This book makes it very simple to understand how to be still and know that He is God. 

Thank you to B & B media for giving me this book to review. The opinions expressed here are solely mine.


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2 thoughts on “Christian Meditation

  1. Thank you for introducing the universal aspects of meditation. It is much appreciated. However, I do take issue with the general slant.
    I’ve studied meditation from many traditions. Most of them are not about “emptying the mind”. That was just an attempt to paint your own culture as exceptional and special above all others.
    Bhakti yogis fill their minds with thoughts of God. Its the same with Sufis. There is always an object of focus in meditation, whether it’s Jesus, your breath, a song, a line of a prayer, etc.
    The time is not far off when all cultures are going to have to let go of their egos and learn from each other. Competition will not bring us peace.
    Thanks again for your offering.

  2. Tom,
    I’ve never been much of a painter, this is a brief book review on Christian meditation. I don’t believe in “secret” messages or using deception, or sandwiching assumptive and judgmental comments between a courteous greeting and salutation.
    “The time is not far off when all cultures are going to have to let go of their egos,” I agree, however it must start with the individual.

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