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Pure Pleasure

Pure Pleasure

Have you ever been asked these questions?

  • How can you justify a $4.00 coffee when people in Africa are starving?
  • Should you really buy that nice of a car when you could give the money to the poor?
  • Do think you should go to the movies, concert or the game; isn't your time better spent volunteering somewhere?
  • Do you need the latest computer when you're lucky to have one at all?
  • I didn't know you drink, aren't you a Christian?

Maybe others haven't asked questions like these, but maybe you ask yourself and live with guilt every time you experience something pleasurable.

If so, Pure Pleasure by Gary Thomas is the book for you. Gary guides the reader through God's design for grace based living, which very much does include pleasure. God wants his children to live happily and to enjoy good things.

If we never experience guilt free pleasure, how can we give it away? If we cannot bring pleasure to others, we aren't living with abandon.

I want to bring pleasure to one lucky reader. Leave a comment on the biggest "guilt" question you think about or are asked the most.If I choose your name at random, I'll send you my copy of Pure Pleasure at the beginning of next week.

Click my Amazon box at the bottom of the page to order your copy today.

Special thank you to Zondervan for providing me a copy to review.



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7 thoughts on “Pure Pleasure

  1. Stephanie on said:

    The guilt that sometimes nags at me is that I don’t invite people into my home often enough. Don’t go out of my comfort zone and have people I’d like to get to know better over for dinner. However, I remind myself that it’s hard enough to find time to have my close friends over!! This tends to always be what I want to change.

  2. Kelly Benning on said:

    We are told that we will derive more pleasure from helping people and giving away our money, and yet it feels so good do other pleasurable things for ourselves-so why don’t we do more of both? What drives us to be more self-motivated? Isn’t this part of how God designed us also? I feel guilty about not being “even” with my desires to do both.

  3. I read more and more accounts of people who are quite surprised that loving others means much more to them than being loved. That is a good place to live and I look forward to my growth in that area.

  4. biggest “guilt” pleasure . . . hmmm. If I look at my time management the last few months and what I gave up because I was so busy, it would have to be blogging.
    Sometimes when I’m blogging – often – I feel that my time could be better spent, that I would be a better steward of that time, by doing something “productive.” Although, I don’t have the word “productive” clearly defined.

  5. Thanks for sharing Julie! I think we often have guilt and aren't even clear on why we feel bad, just that the culture says we should! They way you share is of great benefit to the world, time very well spent in my opinion.

  6. What an interesting looking book, and a topic that comes up frequently in spiritual circles (usually from those on the outside who think pleasure is hypocritical).
    Gosh, I believe that since everything is energy and all energy flows and connects, when we’re happy, our happiness is felt around the world. When we’re sad, our sadness is felt around the world. How we feel at any given time affects the entire planet… How’s THAT for guilt the next time a person feels guilty?!!
    Here’s to joy and love, always!

  7. Hi Megan! I second that; love, joy and God’s peace always.

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