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Can’t Afford Not to Get DVR


I was thinking of changes I've made over the past five years, changes that have been for the better. A big one is the huge amount of TV I don't watch.

I have a few select shows I love like 24 and Lost, which are both ending this season, along with my life as I know it. But I digress.  

When I do watch my shows, I don't watch commercials. That is the secret. I don't know about all the things that I cannot live without. No idea what I'm so desperately missing. I'm much more content in my life and the abundance of what I have.

So how do I do it? DVR of course. You may think you can't afford it, but I'll tell you what you can't afford. Another XL Dominoes Heart Attack in a pizza box, ridiculous medications designed to "enhance"  your life, cheap jewelry, expensive perfume, skinny "Dad" jeans, fat mortgages on larger homes, big loans, and small savings accounts. 

If you're gonna watch TV, invest in a DVR and skip the propaganda purposely designed to make you feel you have a void in your life.

After all, everyone knows that if you've got Jack Bauer, you've got it all.


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16 thoughts on “Can’t Afford Not to Get DVR

  1. Hey Audra,
    I have cut way way back on the tv I watch, too. And it has been so good for me. The one show I DO make sure to watch…24!!
    And how much stuff are we bombarded with, anyway, in those commercials??? Great point on the DVR!

  2. Angela Harris Vaitkus on said:

    I watch all my shows on Hulu online! It is fabulous!! That way we don’t have to have cable at all…and saves a bit of $$ for those cool “skinny” dad jeans. Hadn’t heard about those, I will have to check them out!

  3. Hi Angela! Love to hear from you!!! Thanks for the great ideas about Hulu. I'll definitely have to check it out!  And yes, saving money for skinny dad jeans is where it's at!  HA HA

  4. That’s a big fat amen sister!

  5. Can I disable it for the Super Bowl 🙂

  6. Of course Dr. J! That's the only time I want to see commercials! 

  7. When the commercials come on, I try to get up and do something around the house, but the DVR sounds like a cool idea!
    I wonder if anyone really watches commercials? I guess I watch a few because some are cute, but some do annoy me. My line is, “here’s another commercial I can’t stand!” If I have the remote, I’ll switch channels for a few minutes just so I don’t have to see them.

  8. I totally watch them if I'm somewhere where I can't fast forward, because once I've assumed the position, I'm down for the count!

  9. You know if it’s a good show if the main character, or at least one of the main character, is named Jack.
    Twitter: mikeleonen
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  10. Exactly Mike. Thanks for your understanding.

  11. my husband loves the commercials as much as he does the television shows. I can’t have a conversation with him while he is watching a commercial. I don’t watch enough television for it to matter one way or another. But I have always wondered when I DVR a show, how much time is actually the show verses the commercials? I must admit there are a couple of commercials that I am amazed by the creative minds that came up with it. I miss staying better in touch with you Audra. For some reason, you don’t show up on my Status Updates like you did in the past. A good-thinking post.

  12. That status update "thing"happened before, and then I just reappeared again! Hopefully that will happen this time. I can't keep up with all the changes FB makes, but I don't change things on my end. When you DVR, it tapes the whole show, but you fast forward through the commercials if you want to. Hope you have a great weekend, JoAnne, great to hear from you!

  13. But wait!! Hasn’t Lost been going to endi every year for 5 years now?? 🙂 Hubby and I watched it for 3 seasons, then quit as he thought it was getting just too crazy. But I’ve always wondered what happened next. Mabye I’ll get back into it!!
    LOVE those survival shows like “I shouldn’t be alive” or “man versus wild”
    And no, we are so ancient, we do not DVR. 🙂

  14. I don't watch the survival shows, but maybe I'll have to next year if LOST really and truly ends! : )

  15. Hulu is sneaky. You can’t fast forward through the commercials. I wonder if satellite will ever do the same with DVR? we love to skip the commercials on LOST, Survivor and Chuck. 24 too much mental energy for me (I know! this coming from a LOST fan.)

  16. Very good to know about Hulu! Jack has gotten very wild and out of control on 24 lately….you sure don't want to join right now! Thanks for stopping over Monica, it's been awhile since we've talked!

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