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Pray for You

Today we hosted our first ever garage sale. We drew an interesting crowd with unusual questions and comments. Prominent signs displayed that all of our proceeds are going to help people in Costa Rica.

"Do you have any guns, 22's, empty shell casings, any hunting supplies at all or any magnums?"

Me: Yes, right over in the baby section. Oh wait, where did that section go? I guess we're clean out.

"Do you have any swing sets?" She asked surveying our driveway.

Me: Yes, several in that tiny box right there on the corner.

"Do you have any broken lap tops?"

Me: No. 

"Any working ones?"

Me: Several, but they aren't for sale. 

"Do you have any cosmetic jewelry broken or otherwise?"

Me: We've got a whole box of otherwise, but I don't think there is any jewelry in there.

"Why should I help the children of Costa Rica?" He bellowed.

My son: Because I'm going on a mission trip, we are running a Bible camp and helping less fortunate children.

"I think they should help themselves," he said as he walked off without putting a dime in the contributions box. 

It made me feel like we should pray for him. So I prayed:

I pray your brakes go out runnin’ down a hill 
I pray a flowerpot falls from a window sill and knocks you in the head like I’d like to 
I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls 
I pray you’re flyin’ high when your engine stalls 
I pray all your dreams never come true 
Just know whereever you are, near or far, I pray for you

From "I Pray For You," by Jaron and the Long Road to Love 

; ) Okay, we didn't do that. But we wanted to.


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8 thoughts on “Pray for You

  1. Ha! Love this! Literally made me LOL! I

  2. If you haven't heard the song Ginger, it's worth a google! It's so funny!

  3. Audra, your responses made me laugh. One time I did a garage sale and people went into my garage and wanted to buy our new bikes for $10 each. People are funny, aren’t they? 🙂
    When I recently did some relief work for Haiti I had a guy say “they should rebuild their own homes”. I was floored and asked him if he’d watched the news. He acted like they were all just lazy. Amazing.

  4. People are funny! Everyone wants a deal……

  5. Hey Audra,
    Do you have any cowboy boots (and maybe a hat)?? I’m thinking of taking up this new hobby…one that will lead to much fame and stardom (I’m sure I’ll rock at it!!). I bet they’re around here, somewhere!
    Very awesome that your son is going on a mission trip! What a great experience to really see and experience a less fortunate part of our world – and to really make a difference.
    And…that prayer…….(ha!)

  6. Got me thinkin a little Lyle Lovett “God does, but I don’t, God will, but I won’t and that’s the difference between God and me.” (from the song, “God Will”)
    cranky is as cranky does.

  7. Hi Julie, This is great! Got me smiling. Love me some Lyle!

  8. lisa barnhart on said:

    Audra…I can verify you didn’t make any of this up, because these SAME people came to our house and asked the SAME things…too funny! I knew there were some professional garage-salers in the bunch that morning. One lady asked if I had any kids clothes, and I just hadn’t had time to sort thru the box, so, I said “yes!” and brought out the whole tub of outgrown boys clothes, and she said “how much?” I looked over at her dilapitated car and her tiny little boy and her older, I think Down’s teenage child, and said “take it honey.” It was one of those moments that we just connected as Moms, and she said thank you with her eyes and loaded up her wares.

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