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Have You Met Mason?

He is our middle boy, just finished 8th grade yesterday and today started playing basketball at the high school. This is him trying on his new suit, which he is wearing on our cruise this week. In his end of year papers, I stumbled on a little booklet that some of his classmates had made about him, and I find it completely hilarious! 

Note these are from 13-14 year olds and I have not corrected them:

Though I don't know him well, Mason is a good student body president.

Mason is very rude, but he is nice to his friends.

Although Mason is witty and smart, he is very funny and has a great smile.

Because Mason is athletic, he is good at sports.

Mason seems nice, and he's funny.

Mason you are one of the most athletic and inteligent people I know.

Mason is cool because he calls Dylan fat with a Ph.

Even though I don't know Mason very well, I hear he is a good athlete.

Even though Mason can be annoying, he has a great sense of humor despite this annoyingness.

I had a great time this year with Mason this year and I will miss his humor.

Mason is a funny boy, he seems really nice.

When Mason plays basketball he wins.

Although I don't have many classes with Mason, I know he is a very smart young mem/boy.

Playing on the same team as him, he is an outstanding athelete.

And my very favorite:

Because Mason has aspirations, I do not dislike him much.

My takeaway: Always be his friend and on Mason's team, if you want to be cool spell fat with a Ph, and if you want to be a successful and liked young MEM, have aspirations. Sounds easy enough.

We're so proud of you Mason, off to high school!


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4 thoughts on “Have You Met Mason?

  1. Hope you all have a phabulous time on your cruise – so much to celebrate! Recommendation: locate the ship’s doctor’s office immediately upon embarking – never know when/if you’ll need a quick x-ray/mri/ace bandage/crutches/splint!!! jk, post a pic or two while you’re sailing, ok???

  2. Audra,
    What a sharp young man you have raised!! And hey…I think you know that guy in the background too, don’t you!!
    Have an amazing time away! I want to see pictures when you get back!!

  3. Marina, that is excellent advice! And you my friend are so cool for spelling fabulous with a ph! Get this, to access email on the cruise is $19.97 per MB!!!! Good ol At$t. So, I don’t know how much posting I’ll be doing while on the cruise, but at least after I will post some details.

  4. Hi Lance, I have spent a little time with the amazing guy in the background!Thanks for your compliments on Mason and I will do some posting after we get back. Take care in the jungle while I’m gone!

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