Audra Krell

On Purpose

40 And Free

  • 40 is 35 years of a perfect family
  • 40 is 25 years of knowing my incredible husband
  • 40 is 29 weeks of carrying Keegan and the miracle of his survival
  • 40 is 8 and 9 lbs respectively of Mason and Landon's miraculous birth
  • 40 is 17 years of living the miracle of marriage every day
  • 40 is 37 years and finally answering God's call on my life
  • 40 is 29 and publicly proclaiming my faith and living fully for God
  • 40 is 27 and moving to Arizona to be part of a deeply blessed community of friends/family
  • 40 is even 8 trips to the ER in 6 months and the miracle of great health care
  • 40 is a 7 day cruise with the 4 loves of my life
  • 40 is 5/31, Memorial Day. Perfect, as my heart overflows with gratitude and deep respect for all the soldiers who give everything so I can be 40 and free.


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6 thoughts on “40 And Free

  1. What a lovely life! Happy, happy birthday!

  2. Great post from an incredible lady! Happy Birthday, Audra, and have an awesome cruise with your guys!!!

  3. Audra!
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    You are an incredible friend, an amazing person, and a truly shining light of LOVE in this world!!!
    I am celebrating with you…from afar!!!
    Have an incredible time with those 4 loves of your life this coming week!!!
    And…hey!!! NOW…You are finally the same age as me!!! (…and just so you know…40 has been awesome so far!!!!)
    Happy Birthday, sweet friend!

  4. Happy Fortieth Birthday! May this be the start of your best decade yet!

  5. Audra,
    I so meant to comment on this post before. Hope you had a wonderful b-day and more.
    Love this post and how you tie things together.

  6. What a great life.
    PS…luv your blog.

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