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Pretty Side of Rejection

I've been working hard, pursuing an agent and publication. I had to gear up though, because it's a law that the more queries you send, the more rejections you'll receive.

So every day typically begins as "another day, another rejection."

I've received some nasty rejections over the years. But the last few days, each one has been nice. Like really nice.

So I just wanted to say thank you to the agents and publishers, even those who are "highly selective in who they represent" for the kindness and time you have afforded me. Instead of feeling defeated, I start my day encouraged by your words and well wishes. Instead of quitting, I research, write and query, looking for the right representation.

It's only takes one pretty red pencil to mark the yes box, and God willing, I'll be ready on that day.


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3 thoughts on “Pretty Side of Rejection

  1. Cherece on said:

    Thanks so much for this. It is very encouraging.

  2. That’s right! Has Donald Miller called back yet about doing some more co-writing with him? 😀

  3. Well he has probably called many times, I've been on the other line though. : )
    Audra Krell

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