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Office Dress for Success

I'm a big believer in dressing for success while working from home. If you sit around in your pajamas, you will produce sleepy, sloppy, lackadaisical work. I'm often quoted in this area, the latest was last week HERE, in Carol Roth's 95 Strategies for Work/Life Balance When You Work from Home. I'm under number 88.

Then this great article by Kevin Whipps got me thinking even more. 

If I worked in a traditional office building, I would never keep my office in the atrocious state it lives in. 

Five years ago we put in wood floors, a big cherry desk, ample shelves,some with glass doors, two phone lines, a shredder and fax, and I'm even rocking the double monitors. 

You'll also find loose pictures of our sons, stacks of books, a can of dusting spray with a rag to go along with the dust, various half burned candles, magazines, empty bags of Pirates Booty, old Starbucks cups, stacks of bills, contracts, school supplies and even one of my oldest son's t-shirts.

I can proudly say though, I have filed every rejection letter. Even I can't stand to look at those.

So along with getting out of my pajamas to work, how about if I made the work area quite a bit cleaner?

It would do wonders for productivity. 

The key though, is to not spend days cleaning up the office in lieu of actual writing. That isn't allowed in a traditional office setting either. 

So let's all clean up our act a little bit and let me know if it makes a difference in your work day.


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6 thoughts on “Office Dress for Success

  1. Audra,
    The “getting dressed” part…I’m doing okay there. That “keep a clean work area” though…hmmm…a bit more of a challenge!
    Can I just blame my kids??? (and…I guess that would only work for a few more years…and then what?!?!)

  2. I was going to leave a comment but then I realized I should take a shower, get dressed, and clear off my desk first. Thanks for this reminder! Great way to get my Monday started!

  3. Audra…I work in the same kind of environment (home office). I must admit for the first few hours I work in my PJ’s. At 5 in the morning, my husband wouldn’t be too happy if I took the time to spruce myself up while he was stll sleeping.(LOL) Great post! I’m going to add you to my blogroll.

  4. “If I worked in a traditional office building, I would never keep my office in the atrocious state it lives in.” I can completely relate to that from personal experience. There’s a really fascinating debate that I thought would be of interest on evolution vs. intelligent design going on at

  5. Audra, seeing this got me to start “remodeling” my little card-table-in-the-corner work space. I didn’t want to bother since we’re moving out of this place in less than a year, but I realized I never want to spend time at the ‘card table’ because I loathe writing there. Even though it’ll be temporary, I’ve decided to at least buy a cheap desk that ‘feels’ suitable for writing and also furnish a bookshelf. Thanks for this post!

  6. I love it Brock! Remodel that card table! Where are you moving?

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