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I’m A NaNo Blogger

Once again I'll be trying to win the NaNoWriMo contest come November 1. My last attempt and victory was in 2008, I wrote a non-fiction novel in the style of Capote's In Cold Blood.

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Writers all over the world will try to compose 50,000 words in 30 days, beginning November 1. That's about 1666 words per day, but I don't like the 666 thang, so I'll be going for 1700.

Currently I'm working on story arcs and then I'll proceed to the outline. This is permissible by the way, you just can't start the actual writing until November 1. 

The word count doesn't stop for Thanksgiving, grandma's gravy and/or black Friday. 

1700 words every day.

Have you got what it takes?

I'm part of a blog chain to provide NaNo inspiration.

Check it out HERE now, maybe it will encourage you to jump!

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6 thoughts on “I’m A NaNo Blogger

  1. Seems like you just finished the last one – best wishes, can’t wait to watch your progress and see the final printed masterpiece on my Amazon wish list!

  2. You are such a faithful friend and fan. Thank you Marina for always encouraging me!

  3. Audra,
    Na na na na, hey hey …write on…write on…
    na na na na, hey hey …you rock!!

  4. Audra,
    Wow…you go sister! I wish you another victory like in 2008! I look forward to the results. Please let me know how it goes. D 🙂

  5. Good luck, Audra! I am not a fast writer so this sounds pretty daunting to me. And hey, thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Such a nice surprise! All the best!

  6. Thanks for the add to your blog hop and thanks for the comment. Good luck on completing 50K words!

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