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When Fear Wants to Spoon

Remember when fear used to be different? Back in the day it was a gangly teenager, all knees and elbows. We tucked ourselves around the sharp angles and edges, bent ourselves to conform to childlike worries.

As we grew, so did fear. It became a young adult, and we wondered where it would show up next. And with energy like that, we could conjure it up at any given time. Sometimes it was better to sleep with fear than to sleep alone.

And then fear became a mature adult. An obese, dark monster, who nightly pulls up a chair and waits. We smell and feel it's hot breath before we've even opened our eyes. When we do, fear doesn't wait for an invitation. It curls around us, taking up all the air and consuming us from the outside in.

When fear wants to spoon, I pray. I write as if my life depended on it, I spend time with my loves and I focus on the moment. 

Living in the moment reaps a heart of thankfulness for all I do have; taking the focus off of what I'm afraid I won't.


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7 thoughts on “When Fear Wants to Spoon

  1. I love the way you put things. Sock it to him with your vision of faith.

  2. One of my favorite posts you’ve written. Ever. You personified fear so clearly it’s almost… scary! 😉 It’s something I have to push away everyeveryday.

  3. Audra….I love this post. Would you consider sharing it on “A Wo-Man’s Voice”? If so please send it my way along with the picture. You really hit home with this post! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Audra,
    Hmmmm….that fear thing (it grows up, too…doesn’t it). When we are fully in the moments of our life, fear doesn’t have a chance…now to really and fully “be” in those moments…

  5. It can grow….into a horrible monster if we let it! But we can combat it by being emotionally present and focusing on the good things God has given us. Always easier said than done, thanks for being here Lance!

  6. Thank you for the invite Dolores. I’ll look forward to being a part of A Wo-Man’s Voice. I appreciate the opportunity!

  7. Annie- thanks for being here. We all have to battle fear, every day, I think the level just varies from day to day. But being present ensures we don’t miss out on the greatest gifts. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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