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How to Not Be A Grinch


Tips for loving Christmas:

  1. Say no. Say no to family, friends, commitments, obligations and traditions if they aren't healthy, fun and doable.
  2. Don't take "no" from others personally. Exercise respect by realizing they are doing what's best for them.
  3. Plan to join in the fun, not be the center of it. We set our expectations too high when we attempt to make ourselves or our kids the very center of the celebration. The only person at the center is Jesus.
  4. Know when it's time to go. Have fun, share glad tidings of joy and move on. Enough said.
  5. Be aware of what matters to others. Honor their traditions, think of meaningful ways to show what they mean to you. Speak their love language.
  6. Remember those serving over seas, and those here who are missing their loved ones. Go out of your way for these people.
  7. Give more than you get and your Christmas cup will overflow.



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10 thoughts on “How to Not Be A Grinch

  1. Audra Krell, you are the BEST. I love your blog and what it speaks to me everytime I come here.

  2. These are all good tips, Audra, and I especially like #7.

  3. Thanks for reading Brock, I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas…'s coming!

  4. Annie, thank you. What fun it was to receive your sweet comment. Thanks for blessing me!

  5. Great post Audra and such wonderful Christmas advice. I’m loving it!

  6. Thank you Dolores.

  7. Audra,
    Hey, someone’s moving lots of stuff!!!
    If we can truly remember the reason for this Christmas season…what a beautiful season it will be…
    And you shine all that is good and right, dear friend. May all your Christmas wishes come true…

  8. Thank you Lance!  Same to you and yours!!! Every blessing in 2011!!!

  9. Dr. Tim Caldwell on said:

    Audra~ Always appy to TP the house for the holidays…Very festive…and easy!

  10. @ Doc Caldwell Thank you for stopping by! TP makes everything merry and white. God Bless you and yours this Christmas and always!

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