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Editing in Vegas

“There’s just no quiet in Vegas.” – Barry Manilow

I noticed Copyblogger uses this same quote today, but their post is the opposite of mine, it's about Internet noise.

Steve and I get up to Vegas at least 4 times a year. Ironically, the City of Sin is a haven for us. 

Vegas isn't the first destination the average person thinks of when they need some serious R & R. 

Our trips our refreshing though. We sleep late, eat incredible food, relax at the pool and go to two or three shows.

Not this time though. We are leaving this weekend; booked a great one bedroom suite high above the strip and will be…..editing.  Yep, a working vacation to edit the novel I wrote in November. 

Somewhere in the city billed as having "no quiet," we will be in lovely, complete silence. Where the only sounds are the clicking of a computer keyboard and the occasional popping of a cork.

I can't wait.

Where do you like to write and/or edit?


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7 thoughts on “Editing in Vegas

  1. That sounds FABULOUS!! I’m sitting in my bedroom with my laptop..listening to someone using their leafblower. Not quite as awesome as your setup will be! 🙂

  2. Hi Tammy,
    And you are writing? Way to go, let the leaf blower fade into the background….

  3. I actually penned a post for my blog back in September and was there on business yesterday. I have to admit Vegas isn’t my favorite place in the world. I like to write in my home office, I also like to write sometimes on the patio of Eastwind especially when the trellis is covered with vines. Good luck on your editing, looking forward to that book!
    If your completely bored out of your gourd, I dug through my old posts and found the one I did in Vegas about Vegas.

  4. Hi Audra,
    I had just been writing, yes ma’am! I was working on my column right before I saw your blog post!

  5. Keep on keepin' on girl! Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks, Audra! You too!!

  7. Audra,
    Have a wonderful time in Vegas…typing and uncorking!!
    And…I was just in Vegas…on Thursday (well, very briefly…at the airport, for a layover on my way to San Diego..). Anyway, funny story about noise while I was there (for my very short 45 minute layover)…which I’m planning to write about soon!!
    (I wasn’t writing when this all happened, though!!!)
    This is so, so cool!! Happy editing!!!

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