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Passport Through Darkness

Don't know if you've noticed, but I've cooled it lately on the book reviews. This one though, is a must.

Kimberly Smith has been doing God's work for years, trying to stop human trafficking. 

Her writing it powerful and keeps the reader coming back. Not because you can stomach the content, but because you are changed from the first chapter. I was with Kimberly, watching alongside as she tended to every need of our brothers and sisters in Sudan, and prayed for her as she battled her own demons all the while.

I've never considered myself a mission type servant, but I don't know how I couldn't not go after reading this book. Even if you don't think you would ever serve in this way, Kimberly's authentic account changes the way you'll pray. 

From a writer's standpoint, this book has too many stories going on at one time. I hope for more books from Kimberly, that will delve deeper into each experience. At the same time, I'd rather have her servant heart in the field, than in a chair writing. Her work is life-changing for countless people.

Get your copy today. Go over to my Amazon box on the right, type in Passport to Darkness and your book will arrive by early next week.

Many thanks to Audra Jennings and the B&B Media Group for providing me with this review copy.


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2 thoughts on “Passport Through Darkness

  1. This book sounds fascinating. I appreciate and admire people who work to stop human trafficking. That’s a passion of mine and I hope to one day write a novel dealing with this issue. Thanks for the recommendation.
    BTW, I found your blog through your comment on Divine Detours.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thank you for coming over and for telling me how you got here! I believe if you want to write, you have to read the books you want to write. So, I hope you will check this one out. And, I wish you the very best of luck and every blessing with your novel.

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