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Baby keeg baseball
Today is Keegan's golden birthday. He said he doesn't feel any different, but I do! It's like a rite of passage or something….I. have. an. 18. year. old. I cannot get it through my head. If he's 18, how old does that make the rest of us? You can do the math, perhaps you'll be as shocked as I am.

This picture was taken when he was a few days old. Born 10 weeks premature, he weighs 3 lbs. 9 ou if you include the weight of the ball. 

One day while visiting the NICU, I distinctly heard him ask for a baseball. I called my husband and he brought his from when he was a child. Keegan's breathing slowed and became even. He was at peace.

Thanks to my ability to hear and interpret the chatter of a week old baseball player, Keeg grew up to be a 6'1 pitcher. We kicked that preemie stuff to the curb and never looked back.

He's also a darn fine person. We are blessed beyond reason by the man he has become.

Happy Birthday Googs! You'll always be our baby.

"Pitchers Like Poets Are Born Not Made" – Cy Young


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9 thoughts on “The Pitcher Whisperer

  1. What a great story! Congratulations and good job Mom!

  2. Linda on said:

    What a wonderful story! You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  3. I just love this. Happy 18th birthday to Keegan. You sound like you are such an amazing mother.

  4. You are so kind. Thank you for saying that and for stopping by Bessie. Every blessing to you and yours!

  5. Happy 18th Birthday Keegan!!! I bet that baseball looks a teeny bit smaller in your hand, now!
    …and he’s a darn fine person…because of his amazing parents!
    Enjoy all your moments together…

  6. Thank you Lance. Seriously. I'm loving every moment with him, seems like time is perpetually on fast forward now.

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by Linda!

  8. Thanks Julie, we are pretty proud of him!

  9. Wow. Very touching story.. Congrats to you. He will be a great baseball player for sure. 🙂

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