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Blessings Only Parking


This is a parking spot at my gym.

Oh to be worthy to park there daily.

It’s empty. A lot.

Parking there is kind of a commitment, don’t you think?


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7 thoughts on “Blessings Only Parking

  1. Huh… Yeah… I think I’d park out in the north forty and get some exercise on the way in…

  2. Ahhh… Sarcasm… I recognize it! I think the second one thinks themselves worthy, they’re not…
    Have you ever parked in that spot young lady???!!!

  3. One time, I dared to think I might be a blessing to someone. ; )

    • This is intriguing.

      I wonder, have you ever asked the gym owners why they labeled it this way? I’m curious about their intentions. I’d actually like to sit outside the gym and just watch one day, to see who parks there, who pauses, etc. What an interesting experiment in human behavior.

      And you *are* a blessing. Park in that truth today, my new friend.

      • HI Jennifer, In the parking lot there used to be a store called Blessings. It was gift shop, book store and boutique. It’s been gone for years, but the parking spaces remain. It is always curious to me, when the gym is so busy and those spots are empty if people think they shouldn’t park there or how many don’t feel like they want to commit to being a blessing! Thank you for your kind words, I will park in God’s truth today, and so appreciate the reminder!

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