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I’m an URN

Valladolid Team

We partnered with International Medical Assistance and served in Valladolid, Yucatan, MEXICO for one week.

One life-changing week.I’d heard the trip would change my life. Heard, but didn’t comprehend. I’m still struggling to write because so much happened. It’s time to jump in though.

I’m now an URN. An Unregistered Nurse in every US state and most in Mexico.

Caring for the patients in post-op for 10,11 and 12 hour days has left me burning with passion to answer God’s call. The call to care for all of His people in a deeper way. Being a part of something much bigger than myself has become my one desire.

I’m exploring all the options for going back to school to become a nurse. Maybe even a Registered Nurse if I’m lucky.

I’ve got to believe though, that after everything I was privileged to do and all the medical things I participated in, that in God’s economy, I’m registered. Seems a real fine place to start.

So, much more later. For now I’m asking God to reveal the path.

What about you? What do you when you are overwhelmed with the good choices of fully living?


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16 thoughts on “I’m an URN

  1. I knew of no such program. How I’d love to be an URN, too. Sounds like God has intensified an already bright flame. So excited to see where He leads you, next. I guess the biggest out-of-nowhere (except God’s mind) call for me was to adopt a child from a poor or non-child-friendly country. Been tough waiting on God, but He gives just the encouragement I need, whenever I need it. Bless you, friend.

  2. Floyd on said:

    Good for you Audra! That passion isn’t a mistake, it is a gift, but you already know that. I appreciate your heart and passion, it reads like a truly blessed and exciting life.

  3. It helps to hear that someone else sees it as a gift, thank you Floyd. I do feel excited and blessed when helping others. As my husband puts it, “I’m in God’s sweet spot.”

  4. Cheers! This is what real passion looks like. You’re truly a registered nurse in God’s kingdom. I am a RN here in my country and doing volunteer job makes me feel like I’m giving a part of me where God’s love reside. Kudos to you!!!

  5. So very glad you’re back and sharing your journey. Can’t wait to hear more and love that He is already showing His transformation in you.

  6. Audra,
    I’m so happy for you – and for the new fires that are burning within you! You have ALWAYS been such so filled with God’s love and mercy – and today, I just feel that here at an even higher level. How awesome is that! How awesome YOU are! How awesome our amazing God is!!

    • I agree, God is amazing! I know the new passion is a result of being open to His plans for my life and not in going my own way. Thank you for your kind comments Lance, you always encourage me.

  7. Can’t wait to see what God has for you, my friend! Sounds like He is stiring some new and wonderful passions in you to be used in His Kingdom… and we will all be the better for it!

  8. I’m so excited Christy, thank you for your kind comment.

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