Audra Krell

On Purpose

One year later I’m not sure I’m ready for him to go again.

Audra Krell

That’s my “I’ve got 85 more days with my boy and I’m wearing a foam finger” smile. That was May 24.

Today I more resemble the boy behind me, sort of a dumbfounded look saying “what’s going on here?” combined with Keegan’s look of “is this really happening?”

Alas, it really is happening. He’s leaving a week from today.

I’ve found, that breakdowns can really occur anywhere. I have no shame.

No one is immune. Even the pediatrician, as we are discussing one of my other sons, might be the unsuspecting victim of the ugly cry.

Even in church, as they honored Keegan in front of thousands of people on Sunday, I bawled. A friend thought of calling 911, as I was almost prone in the vicinity of pew 10. Woman down.

What about the customer service rep at Bed, Bath and Beyond when I lost one of my coupons…

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  1. nwhannas on said:

    I don’t think we’re ever ready for them to leave, Mama. That said, I do thank our God for giving the strength and wisdom for us to provide roots and wings. Funny, I like the roots part, better.

    • I like the roots part better too! I was reading your sweet comments from last year on this post, your words were a balm to my soul. Thank you for helping me this year too.

  2. I am so glad you’ve posted this one again Audra. It spoke to me even more this time around. What a beautiful bond you share. I want that! The silly. I so get. It actually surprises me how much I can relate to your words—even now. But that also speaks to your strong writing ability. You put your heart into words that we feel to our depth. I am learning from you, my sister, in ways you may never know.

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