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5 things not to say to parents of college students.

Audra Krell

This is from last year. Update: Our son is heading out in two days for his sophomore year of college. It simply doesn’t feel that much easier this year. So proud of him, but I don’t look forward to saying goodbye again.
The end of August brings the last lazy days of summer, a temperature drop and the bittersweet start of school. For college parents, it can be an especially trying time. Having just moved our oldest into the dorm at a University, I can say that the process couldn’t have gone any better and yet it was one of the worst days of my life.
I’m so happy for and proud of our son and yet I wake up every morning, with a hollow place in my gut. Something just isn’t right around the homestead. Somebody is missing.
Over the summer, strangers and other college parents were full of…

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  1. Loved this Audra! Great advise now that my youngest will be gone. We move him in at NAU on the 24th…cherrishing every moment with him right now. He’s getting a bit tired of my constant hugs and kisses 😉

    • Oh Cathy I feel for you! Empty nesters….you’re going to be darling at it!!! Seriously, I’ll be praying for the whole family. Every blessing at this exciting but big change time.

  2. You know this speaks volumes to me. I am no longer bracing myself. I am simply resting in Him. {What a concept…. ha!} As your new season approaches, know that I am here to stand with you. I am so thankful God has positioned moms like you to go out before us and learn through all that you share. But, more importantly, I am grateful for your heart that reaches beyond yourself while you are learning to trust Him through the hard stuff. {And, that is so okay! We are allowed to be right where we are. He’s there too, leading us to Him. There we sit in His lap and allow His grace to hold us. He thinks our tears are worth it.}

    Love ya sister,

  3. Ok, so I thought you posted this on the Cruffin post and after I unspammed it, I couldn’t find it! But here you are….with this amazing comment. Thank you for your strong encouragement. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and especially you standing with me. All I want is to make other women know that they are not alone and that they are normal! Thank you for helping me to do that Ginger.

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