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One thing I’m very passionate about is men. When I started walking with God about 13 years ago, I wanted to be a minister to men. They aren’t catty, they don’t talk a lot and often just want a buddy to work or play alongside them. They don’t want to analyze everything and certainly have little use for the drama we women employ.

I see the inappropriate, ridiculousness of that desire; and now know that men become men in the presence of other men. They are designed to be ministered to, mentored and raised by men. As women, we have two choices. We either emasculate our men or can affirm them as great.

I’ve been married to an amazing man for 19.8 years and we have three teenage sons. I know a lot about men. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always understand them, but I know a lot about them. As an abandoned, fatherless daughter, I survived brutal years of trying to let every man know that they were useless and women were better at everything. It was a horrible way to live and I lost good people whom I loved.

And then God, in His grace, ended my anti-men campaign. Today I strive to affirm our men; all of them. So, I’m starting a written series on the topic of men and how we can stop marginalizing them. How us women, “ain’t what we used to be”. I’ll talk about how not all of us mind, if men want to hold the door open or pay when you take us out. How we aren’t weak and don’t desire to walk behind our men, but long to walk alongside, as a co-creator, the way God intended.

I don’t take a public stand on politics. I do however, take a public stand on what I know to be true.

See, we’ve got a defining problem in our culture. We’re a fatherless nation. We are told to look to and follow our leader, yet the government encourages a female dominated society and wonders why we don’t view our fathers in Washington with respect. We experience legislation that allows men to turn away from their children and wonder why they don’t turn toward their fathers. We are a culture brought up by women and everything they believe their rights to be and then blame our men for not knowing how to be fathers.

I’m so grateful for everything my mom has done to raise my brother, sister and I. But the truth is, I know what it’s like to grow up without a father and everything in my pre-teen body knew it wasn’t right. I’ve experienced the devastating effects of a single parent, fatherless home. The tragedy continues to play out even today, over 25 years later.

It’s never too early to be smart about voting in November. Children are our future. Vote for the candidate who values human life and agrees that all men and women are created equal. A leader who isn’t trying to find new ways to elevate women above our good men. I’m voting for leaders who know the value of children being raised by a mother and father.

November 4 isn’t about standing around shaking your head with a pitying look on your face.

That day is your chance to choose.


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7 thoughts on “On Choosing Well

  1. Beautiful, Audra. Absolutely beautiful. Every word. I also long to lift men up, not emasculate them. I’ve made my mistakes as you have, from similar wounds, and God had to get hold of me too. But He has, and I am a proud supporter of men. 🙂

  2. Well said!!! YES and AMEN!!!

  3. I appreciate your wisdom and strength to speak about a subject that can be very divisive. I’m with you, when we emasculate men and hold them to the same principles as women, all parties lose… God’s design is correct and healthy. We have different responsibilities as men and women and it’s convenient if we didn’t have to live up to them, but that’s not the way it works… When we don’t live up to our responsibilities, we leave ruined lives in our wake…

    Thanks for sharing in openness. That’s how hearts are changed.

  4. Okay, so I have already responded via email, but I had to land here to show my support. I am so amazed at how God is stirring us up. I cannot wait until you lead us out through this series, woman of God. I just cannot wait. You and Rena have me in shout mode.

    May every woman we know stop, drop, and read. May their (our) men reap the benefit of His truth, and may you continue to reach and reach higher.

    Yes, Lord, yes.

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