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Even WowWow is A Boy

Candi Card Williams

My sweet friend Candi had a wonderful response to my posts last week and her thoughts are too good to keep to myself. She’s an amazing mother to a beautiful 5-year-old boy and wife to a hard working and godly man, Tim. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, I’m so glad she got out of the humidity and now calls Scottsdale home. I also love how she calls me Ms. and always offers one of her southern hugs. I’m just better whenever I’m around her. 

Ok, Ms Audra!!

I am loving your new series!!!!

I have had to wipe back the tears at some points and then at others jump up and say “Preach it Sista!!”

You and I have a lot in common. I was raised by a single mother with 3 older sisters – no boys in my house.

Now, I am the only girl – even my cat WowWow is a boy – well he used to be . . .

I read your last article and thought how gracious God was to give you a great husband and THREE sons!! And how thankful I am for my Tim and Wesley (ok and WowWow).

I think it’s really cool that what the Enemy intended for evil, God will turn out for good. Follow me on this . . .

I can’t speak for you, but for me, the Enemy broke apart my home of origin, yet God in HIS wisdom gave me a son. My prayer is that the generational sin stops with me and Tim, and that we are now ushering in a new generation of blessing with our LITTLE MAN.

I see your family and read your posts – what the Enemy intended for evil, God is turning to good. You and your husband are ending generational sin and ushering in a new generation of THREE YOUNG MEN that love our Heavenly Father.

Praise be to Jesus!!!

Hugs and keep the posts coming!!!


Doesn’t she just crack you up? I love the line that “WowWow used to be a boy”….hysterical. And Candi, you can speak for me anytime sister. You are right on. I was deeply inspired by your words, and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about being intentional about ending generational sin. That God would give us a chance to help raise boys who will be a blessing, who will help not harm, who will love not hate.

And just so you know, we’ve got your little girl in mind. We want to raise boys who are tough but tender when need be, real men who know how to love and respect a lady. We’re praying for a generation of blessed young women to rise up. Women who want to be co-creators the way God intended, women who want to walk worthy and walk beside a good man.

So what’s your story? Is God showing you a new way?


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10 thoughts on “Even WowWow is A Boy

  1. I’m lifted by anyone standing up in the strength of God to break the bonds of sin. Goof for both of you and thanks for doing your part for our cause and sharing from your hearts.

  2. Beautiful, and brava to both of you, Candi and Audra. As I have one child of each gender, I’m looking carefully at godly roles for each kid. Praise God, that even though my husband isn’t walking with Jesus right this moment, the Holy Spirit works in our home and softens his heart. For he is one of the gentlest men I know, and though he’s not with us at church each Sunday, he supports our going , and embraces his role as husband: leader and provider. He also supports me as help meet, best friend, and neck which turns the head. 🙂 The reasons for him and my son are many, but for now, the answer I keep getting is just to love them. I thank God for my healthy marriage, for the fabulous man who is raising my children with me, and for the future, when I know my husband and son’s knees will bend, and their heads and hearts will bow to the Father. What a glorious day! For now, I treat him as if he is a godly man, and our home the welcome dwelling for the Savior.

    • Gretchen you are so powerful and beautiful and all by the grace of God. The way you treat the men in your life brings tears to my eyes because it is so against cultural norm. You are clearly doing what God has asked you to do. Yes, one day every knee will bow, and I know that brings you great peace. You are so full of love, and the kingdom needs more women like you. Your stand for Christ makes our Savior look good every single day, the goal right?

  3. Love you both. You are an inspiration!

  4. Oh what a beautiful post, and, yes, I am loving the humor. I appreciate the choices you’ve both made in overcoming generational sin and raising those godly men.
    Thank you ladies.

  5. Andra and Candi…can I just repeat what I have said to so many young women….thank you for being such wise hearted women in this generation. Women willing to stand in the gaps this old world makes in our lives. I love it that you both have taken to heart the Word of God, not just to memorize but to walk it with the help of God. Blessings.

    • Betty, I think I speak for Candi in extending a most gracious thank you! We really appreciate the encouragement of strong women just like you. We wish you every blessing as you encourage other women to put feet to their convictions.

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