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No Masks

As a child I wanted to be something awesome for Halloween. I knew if I had the right costume, people would like me. I thought I wanted to be Sleeping Beauty, but a girl at school was. She finally got her kiss and so much more nine months later. So I dressed up as Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley. The precise opposite of a princess, which didn’t win any popularity contests, as dressing up like a boy is never a good look for me. I quit costumes the next time October 31 rolled around. It probably didn’t help that I got the Mumps that year; there was no trick-or-treating for me anyway.

That didn’t stop me however from constructing a mask, which I wore 24/7. I didn’t want the world to know that underneath my cool exterior, I was an abandoned daughter looking for daddy in every man I knew, and even in some I didn’t.

Many moons and Halloweens later, I hit rock bottom face first and shattered my mask. I floundered for awhile trying to figure out who I was and battling the desire to stay hidden.

God won the war and I gave up masks and costumes for good.

I don’t begrudge anyone, good, clean October 31 fun. And I love seeing the brilliant use of imagination in every costume.

But when you come to my door, you’ll get the real deal; scary or not.


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10 thoughts on “No Masks

  1. Nice, Audra. Thank you.

  2. Hope you had a great Oct. 31!

  3. nwhannas on said:

    I love some good old, SWEET Halloween fun; & believe that wearing masks for play-acting in any sort of theatre or drama is wonderful, in its place & proper perspective.. When those masks become too form fitting & comfortable, it’s time to hang them up. Sometimes they are so difficult to remove, but remove them we must, to share the truth. Well done, friend. Xo

  4. To live a life of transparency is a to live at peace with ourselves, the way God designed it. It’s nice to relate with someone that isn’t wearing a mask… True wisdom can be found there…

  5. insertgracehere on said:

    Love this! Beautifully said, as always.

  6. I really felt a connection to your post…thought-provoking as well transparent. Thanks for sharing!

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