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An Adult Child of Education

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So we got big day tomorrow folks. I’m beginning an accelerated nursing assistant program. Come Christmas and God willing, I will be a CNA. This is a continuation of a dream and a calling God has placed in my heart, after working in the hospital on our medical mission trip this past July.

Here are 5 bonuses for returning to school:

I get to pack my lunch. Got ahold of these little babies today: LUNCHBLOX.  Only thing better would be if they came in pink.

Speaking of pink, I have to bring my stethoscope and it is of course, the most beautiful pink you’ve ever seen in your whole life.

I’ll probably be the oldest person in the class. Everyone will look to me as the fascinating non-pierced,least hip, non-tatted dinosaur that I am.

I got new school supplies. A suh weet lime green notebook and some cool pens.

The number one best thing about it, is that I have the honor of learning how to care for God’s people in a new way.

I can’t wait to be a student again.


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12 thoughts on “An Adult Child of Education

  1. nwhannas on said:

    You’ll be awesome. In my experience, the non-trad students were always the coolest. Life experience, as well as fresh eyes & ears for learning.

    • You are too kind Gretchen. As for me I remember going home to Steve and saying, “There are old people in my college class, they must be like 32 or something.” Turns out this 42 yo isn’t the oldest in class and I breathed a sigh of relief.

  2. Great visuals Audra, the most beautiful pink stethoscope. What an awesome experience…all of you will be learning about life from your different perspectives as well.

    • Yes, the art of nursing is really fueling me with tons of writing ideas. It’s hard for me to focus on just one thing at a time. Thanks for taking time to comment JoAnne!

  3. Good for you, Audra! Love the attitude!

  4. Haha! Love the LUNCHBLOX and must get some. You sound like me with my junior high love for great notebooks and pens. Have fun learning and serving. What a great Christmas gift!

    • The lunchblox have served up a wonderful, cold lunch these past two days Ginger. Which is important since it’s still literally over 90 here. You are correct, what a wonderful Christmas gift!

  5. You go, Girl! what an adorable blog, and a great opportunity. My guess is they will admire your wisdom and personality. I’ve found that “youngsters” really appreciate and kind and interested “Mom figure”! Love the supplies. Oh wait, no Trapper Keeper??

    • I know, no Trapper Keeper. We have a massive text book that has to be brought to every class, so the TK would have put me over the edge. I’m having fun and trying to not to mom the people, but it just comes out! Someone has to do it…

  6. Audra!!!! This is SO cool!!!! You are going to rock it in the classroom!!! Your heart is so amazingly good, caring, and filled with love…

    Have FUN!!!!

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