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On Patience and Mustard Seeds

What is freeing you?

In these trying times, it’s easy to recall the ties that bind. Politics, guns, money, war, jobs, resolutions, health and family obligations. If you let them, that is, if you so choose, each one will choke the life right out of you.

In an effort to be intentionally peaceful, I think of not who I want to be, but who God is asking me to be. He allows me to make a choice and to immediately live out an answer, by simply doing the next right thing.

It frees me to realize that I don’t have to worry as much about my attitude toward others, as I do about my disposition before God. Sometimes I get those backwards.

I’m free in knowing that when I stand in the light of God’s love, my attitude toward others will follow. But, if I choose to focus on others before God, I stop short of all He calls me to be. I forfeit the good gifts He so freely gives.

Patience is a good gift He gives. Lately I’ve seen patience as small as a mustard seed, pay off in the form of a forest.

Patience and mustard seeds and godly disposition free me and they’ll do the same for you.

If you so choose.


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12 thoughts on “On Patience and Mustard Seeds

  1. Lovely. Isn’t it amazing how we can only be free when we choose to be the bond servant of Christ?!

  2. Amen and well said sister. Truly amazing. It has been a joy that to realize that I’ve expressed the tiniest bit of patience and received abundant blessing. We tend to remember the times when we had to wait so long we felt it nearly killed us.

  3. Awesome thoughts, Audra. We so underestimate the supernatural gift of free will. It is our choice from God on how we live and the perspective we have. It is knowing Him that allows that freedom. The lost world believes that they can control their universe which is the destruction of a person. They become slaves to themselves believing they have the power of a God. Knowing God and His omnipotence and supremacy is not a cop out, it is wisdom that brings peace. God either causes or allows all things for His perfect will. No person can work or will against God. And if He be for us, who can be against us? There is peace in understanding our free will and the magical gift of it.

    • Some people don’t like the word magic associated with things of God. But I’m like you and I do! It is magic in that it’s beautiful, and unseen and faith filled and all about believing Him for our only peace. Love your writing Floyd.

  4. What a great word Audra! I think I’ll choose patience. Free indeed.

  5. I like that — doing the next thing. Can’t do more than that, really. Every big success is made up of multiples of doing the next thing. (Sometimes I avoid the next thing…)

  6. insertgracehere on said:

    What beautiful, powerful truth!!!

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