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Happy Hospital Dreams

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Only a few dreams haunt me. I remember with startling clarity a terrifying dream from my childhood and I have yet to decipher what it means. I suspect I never will. It’s so scary that I hope to never get acquainted with the meaning by living out the dream.

Then there was a prophetic dream five years ago, foretelling of a medical tragedy two people continue to struggle with today. (That is for another post as I can’t publish it here until after it’s hopefully published in a story compilation book.)

Last night though, I had a happy dream. I was the only nurse caring for at least 8 babies in a hospital. Which I confess is based off the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. I realize the fact that I still watch that show is a confession I shouldn’t make here or really anywhere. But back to the happy dream of being the only caregiver in a stressful NICU, I realized this morning that I cared for the babies all night and was not stressed. I was happy. Blissfully happy.

During my run this morning it became clear that I’ve had many dreams about caring for people in a hospital. In every  one of them it was hard and exhausting work, but overall, I’m wildly happy in that setting. Wildly happy I tell you.

Further this morning it came to light, that God speaks in these happy hospital dreams. I’ve spent my life asking God to reveal my purpose, my direction, what I should do with my life. I’m certain that He has whispered to me in many dreams over the years. There is no doubt that the happiness I experience in dreams and especially in real life medical settings is a gift from Him.

Caring for all of God’s people is a calling, a purpose, an upward direction and definitely what I should do with my life.

If I can show the love of Christ with a smile, a nod of understanding and a gentle healing touch then I believe I’m at the center of His will. There is not a happier place to be.

Does God speak to you through your dreams? What has He revealed to you?


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11 thoughts on “Happy Hospital Dreams

  1. Good for you for being obedient and striving to know His will for your life. I have had dreams that gave me warnings… probably didn’t heed them well enough. I’ve also had dreams that had the Divine touch of prophecy… I don’t talk too much about them, one in particular, but it was close to two decades ago and is with me like it was last night.

    Follow your heart, sister. He is there leading you.

    • Thank you Floyd! Yes I have had one prophetic dream and the details are crystal clear, yet it’s hard to explain out loud. Very interesting about your warnings in dreams, maybe you didn’t realize until afterwards? Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Michelle on said:

    Yes indeed! He has spoke many times through my dreams for warnings, comfort, clarification, wisdom etc. Thanks for this reminder.. Lately I have brushed my dreams off thinking they were just some poor dinner choices and this spoke to me that they are indeed God speaking ! Many Blessings and so happy for you. Thanks again! ( and I won’t hold it against you that you are a Grey’s fan …. I was an old ER fan myself!!) 😊

  3. Hi Michelle, Sometimes I accidentally refer to Grey’s as ER, can’t get over these old medical shows. As I enter the profession, I’m appalled at the way they portray the Dr’s and Nurses, but I still watch! : )
    Great to hear that you were encouraged regarding your dreams, blessings to you to keep living the dream!

  4. Gretchen on said:

    Lurve me some unrealistic Grey’s and e.r. 🙂
    I’m not aware that God speaks to me through my dreams. Perhaps it’s different for everyone. To me, He speaks through repetition from different sources. E.g. The year I walked the 3-Day for Breast Cancer Treatment, I had never even heard of such a walk, and within 1 week, 3 people had asked me to be in it, or if I had a team. I had planned on donating to my friend, telling her “no thank you”, initially. But once I knew God was up to something, I signed up, raised my funds, and walked. Haven’t felt called to do so since then, and don’t know why He called me to that in the first place, but He did.

    • Yes this was a new revelation that God is speaking to me in dreams, and such a sweet relief to realize! : )
      I like the way He talks too, in repetition. What a blessing that you were obedient to His calling, even when you don’t know why.
      Praying this morning that God will mount your situation on wings of eagles and have it take off at dizzying, lightening, happy speed! Everyone wants those babies with the Hanna’s at their house!

  5. nwhannas on said:

    Also, I think you’re right. We’re all very clearly called to love each other and care for those in need. P.S. You do that in spades. xxxooo

  6. bettydraper1947 on said:

    Good dreams are wonderful and make wonder is God trying to tell me something. Then a bad one comes along and I am praying it does not come true. I bet you are great nurse Audra. Good thought provoking post.

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