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Call of Duty


On the last of school, my mild mannered son threw a teen sized tantrum over the Playstation 3 breaking. Then one of my other son's posted this on Facebook: "My call of duty is to play as much COD as possible this summer." 

 I wondered just what kind of summer we were in for.

Then the next day, the first official day of summer break, we left for a long vacation. There were no video games, no internet, no mobile phone service, no friends, obligations, homework, deadlines, 16 games to attend in a weekend, video game thumb, carpal tunnel or strained eyes. Translation: no stress.

Here is what the boys looked like sans technology and cultural expectation:


Were they depressed? Lonely? Desperate for the overstimulation by the world wide web? No. But they were in fact, completely different men.

We had actual, real live conversations with whole phrases and not instant message communication with "words" like u, 2morrow, B4, L8tr,brb, and ppudwug2store (Please pick up donuts when you go to store). And we certainly never talked about COD (Call of Duty).

In the spirit of honesty, we did use '"B4" when we were repeating back our diagonal line which won us $89.00 at Bingo. Yes I had to resort to gambling to get that good quality family time. Don't send me the scripture about how I shall not gamble, the bigger risk is not interacting with my kids. Plus God saw fit to have us win so I can't be all wrong, right?

Anyway, 5 days post trip, our boys remain changed. They are exercising every day, practicing their music for hours, interacting in meaningful ways with other human beings face to face and are generally happier people. The video games have been played, but it's been minimal.

So I ask you fellow parenting soldiers, what is your Call of Duty this summer? Maybe just maybe, you are to fearlessly lead your family to and through a land of no internet, no 3G network and no cultural expectation, for a time.

Be warned though, that land can definitely come with no Starbucks attached, as it did for me. 

We all gave up a little something, and each of us are better for it.

 Long after the last iPhone has died, the spirit of authentic, loving relationship will reign eternal.

Living with Abandon

IStock_000003781332XSmall  It's a new year, the beginning of a new decade. I was surprised to see Time magazine refer to the last one as "The Decade from Hell." 


Not that a lot of horrific things didn't happen over the last ten years. We've won, laughed, loved, lost, cried, shook our fist at the man, grimaced, frowned and furled. But no matter what has happened, I won't characterize a quarter of my life as the "time from hell."

So the next decade is going to be all about learning and living with abandon. I'm going to be open to the places deep inside that never see light, I'll talk about topics I'd rather avoid and I will continue to break free of cultural definitions of self, others and God.

And that's just for starters.

What have you got?

Storm Storm

I was named after Linda Evans who played a character named Audra on the TV show Big Valley. I've always liked my name and growing up I didn't personally know any other Audra's. Mrs. Roper on Three's Company was named Audra Lindley in real life. Audra McDonald the singer was another person I was aware of. Every Audra seemed like a celebrity. Lately, due to Facebook, I have met many, many Audra's. Seth Godin published a post today and at the bottom reminds us we can look up the meaning of any word by putting define and then the word in the search box.

So….I searched for the meaning of Audra and this is how Urban Dictionary defined my name:

1) from lithuanian; translates into English as "storm" – as in gale, hurricane or tempest ie. a violent windstorm, esp. one with rain, hail or snow. 

2) a woman capable of calming or creating fury with her presence; she leaves with as little warning as she arrives. known for being mysterious 

Very interesting….but here's the crazy thing….my middle name is Gail. 

Today I found out that I'm a bit redundant. . . I'll work on that.

When I become a celebrity as all Audra's seem destined too, you can just call me Storm Storm for short.

Time to define your name, what does it mean?

Kindle DX

Amazon unveiled the newest addition to the Kindle Family today, the Kindle DX. Available now for pre-order, you're gonna want to get in line for this one.

Amazon's new addition is anything but a baby with the screen spanning 9.7" of diagonal e-ink. With 16 shades of gray, the Kindle DX reads just like a newspaper. Not only does Amazon offer over 275,000 books, but several US and International newspapers and favorite blogs are delivered via wireless connection in under 60 seconds.

With Amazon's new newspaper offerings, they just might save the sinking newspaper ship. As a writer, this is good news. And as a reader and lover of the printed word, this is great news.


Wednesday April 22 is Earth Day. Which I kind of don't understand. Aren't we all getting it that every single day needs to be Earth day? It isn't like Christmas, every day can't be Christmas, but every day could be Love the Earth day.

Sometimes it's still hard for people to know what to do to support Earth Day, but I think it's all about your piece of the pie. Start small, tend to the garden in your own back yard. I'm not talking about a literal garden, but am referring to you making difference in your own community.

Take me for example. I'm on the patch, (Lil Green from Facebook) annoying side effects, but saving the Rainforest nonetheless. I also drank a drink last week called Simply Greens. It tasted like the inside of a lawn mower bag, but I drank it so that my body can be healthy enough to take care of our Earth.

I'm truly passionate about recycling plastic bottles, something like less than 12 percent of those bad boys get recycled. Not in this house! And even though we're not supposed to, we reuse our bottles several times before recycling them. Last week my ten year old carried a bottle for a mile so that he could recycle it at home, rather than throw it away. That is perseverance and a kid that's going get the next thing he asks me to buy him, no matter what it is…….well not really, good thing he doesn't subscribe to my blog.

Go here to take a test to see how you can reduce your Carbon Footprint. And try the patch, you just might like it. Head over to We Are That Family to see what everyone else is up to on this Works for Me Wednesday.

They’ll Know Me By My Pants

Pink Pants I have made more trips to the Doctor's office in the last two weeks, than I have in the past two years. We simply just aren't sick, or sick enough to warrant a visit to the Doctor.

Here's the thing though, every time I go to the pediatrician with one of the boys, I wear pink pants. I think the staff feels very sorry for me and my one pair of ratty, old pink pants. I have had the pants for several years and I don't know why they have become standard issue when we visit the Doc.

I decided to post a picture of me in the pants, doing what I do best lately, putting out fires, healing the sick and administering meds. And I'll give you a little advice. The pediatrician's office isn't a place for a fashion show. If pink pants make you feel better, wear them, every time.

And more importantly, don't ever abandon what's right, healthy and whole.

He Still Sticks Around

Empty Tomb I'm excited to announce a new series, a framework we'll be exploring for an indefinite period of time.

There isn't a more perfect time to launch the new series, than Easter weekend. See, the topic is:  



Not all abandonment is negative or bad. Abandonment begins with the empty tomb of Christ.

    "…because you will not abandon me to the grave," Psalm 16:10

    Because of the abandoned tomb, because Jesus is resurrected, I have the promise of eternal life. If He had stayed in the tomb, I wouldn't be writing this now.

    I have been abandoned in my lifetime, have knowingly walked away from bad relationships and I'm certain I have abandoned others without realizing it. Even so, God has never left.

He still sticks around.

Because I'm so deeply grateful for this and for the things He has taught me, I'm writing a book on abandonment. I'm speaking to groups on abandonment, blogging about abandonmentand hosting conversations about it, here at Krellfish. Watch for guest authors and deep, authentic discussion about every aspect of abandonment.


You are needed here and I look forward to the journey.

Assoc. of Biblical Counselors Conference


Association of Biblical Counselors Invites You on a Quest for More

2009 conference features first-ever meeting of the minds


We live in a broken world.  The evidence is everywhere—broken marriages, broken families, broken hearts, broken people.  In response, more and more people in the Christian community are exploring biblical counseling.  Yet this growing interest brings new questions and fresh discussions about what biblical counseling really looks like.  The landscape of biblical counseling is changing, thanks in part to the work of organizations like the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC).  For anyone interested in these exciting new developments, ABC is pleased to announce the 2009 conference to be held May 14-16 in Fort Worth, Texas.  The theme of this year’s event is “A Quest for More,” based on the book by keynote speaker Paul Tripp, one of the most dynamic speakers in biblical counseling today.


“I am overwhelmed with excitement over this year’s conference for several reasons,” says ABC President Jeremy Lelek.  “On opening night, we are going to have four of the top scholars from various counseling ‘camps,’ including the American Association of Christian Counselors, Christian Counseling Educational Foundation, and the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, who will discuss emerging trends in biblical counseling as well as distinctions between the various schools of thought.  This is a truly groundbreaking event!”  Residents of Dallas/Ft. Worth who are not attending the conference may purchase tickets to this exciting Thursday night-only event.  The weekend will also include a tribute to special guest Elisabeth Elliot for her pioneering work in South America and across the world.


Lelek emphasizes that this event is not just for licensed counselors.  These sessions are for counselors, pastors, and laity.  Hurting people and those struggling to overcome certain issues in their lives are encouraged to attend.  The conference features over twenty-five elective sessions with topics ranging from marriage and sexual addiction to spiritual warfare and crisis intervention.  A sampling of titles includes:


·        Living a Pure Life in a Sexualized Culture: Overcoming Lust, Understanding Your Enemy, and Living a Life of Repentance

·        Soul Care: Starting a Biblical Counseling Ministry in Your Local Church

·        Learning to Think Like a Christian

·        The God Empowered Wife (for women only)

·        Biblical Counseling with Adult Victims of Childhood Trauma

·        When Suffering People Need to Know “Why?”


In addition, conference attendees will encounter opportunities to discover reliable referral services, network with like-minded believers, receive nationally approved Continuing Education Units, and be encouraged in their own lives and counseling ministries.


For more information about the conference and the many training opportunities offered through ABC, visit


Truth in the Media

153 I took this picture at Thanksgiving as preparations were well under way for yesterday's Inauguration. It was powerful to see where Obama would stand and become our next President.

I've mentioned before, that I really don't watch much TV. When I do, it's shows like 24, LOST (Tonight!), and CSI. 

Yesterday I spent hours watching the Inauguration. I realized how much I was enjoying myself. It was because I was watching something true. From Rick Warren praying the gospel truth to mistakes made by real people while giving the Presidential Oath, I knew I was witnessing truth. 

And the truth always works for me. Head over to Rocks In My Dryer to see what's working for everyone else!

Stay Home on Black Friday

Works for Me Wednesday  I'll be out of town on Black Friday this year, so any money I would save would be made up in shipping costs. Why do I want to fight the crowds anyway? I'll be much more comfortable, warm and happy, shopping from my PC.

If you don't want to fight the crowds either, shop these great deals, which are happening now, through Friday!

I am at 42,000ish words for NaNoWriMo, only 8000 more to go.

"And I can see a light, that is coming, for the heart that holds on, a glorious light beyond all compare." – Matt Redman

I'm pressing on for the prize. Not just to make the journey, but to win.

Head over to Shannon's at Rocks in My Dryer to see what's up with everyone else!

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