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I’m a Phreak

I'm a Phil Vassar freak and always have been. So when my chance came along to officially become a Phreak I got right on board! Mostly I want to promote his song, 'She's On Her Way," if you haven't heard it, download the acoustic version by filling out the form above. It's a very sentimental song that is great for graduation and Father's Day. 

Let me know what you think after you hear it….oh and you'll want a kleenex.

Pray for You

Today we hosted our first ever garage sale. We drew an interesting crowd with unusual questions and comments. Prominent signs displayed that all of our proceeds are going to help people in Costa Rica.

"Do you have any guns, 22's, empty shell casings, any hunting supplies at all or any magnums?"

Me: Yes, right over in the baby section. Oh wait, where did that section go? I guess we're clean out.

"Do you have any swing sets?" She asked surveying our driveway.

Me: Yes, several in that tiny box right there on the corner.

"Do you have any broken lap tops?"

Me: No. 

"Any working ones?"

Me: Several, but they aren't for sale. 

"Do you have any cosmetic jewelry broken or otherwise?"

Me: We've got a whole box of otherwise, but I don't think there is any jewelry in there.

"Why should I help the children of Costa Rica?" He bellowed.

My son: Because I'm going on a mission trip, we are running a Bible camp and helping less fortunate children.

"I think they should help themselves," he said as he walked off without putting a dime in the contributions box. 

It made me feel like we should pray for him. So I prayed:

I pray your brakes go out runnin’ down a hill 
I pray a flowerpot falls from a window sill and knocks you in the head like I’d like to 
I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls 
I pray you’re flyin’ high when your engine stalls 
I pray all your dreams never come true 
Just know whereever you are, near or far, I pray for you

From "I Pray For You," by Jaron and the Long Road to Love 

; ) Okay, we didn't do that. But we wanted to.

The house that Built Him

 Everyone has been loving Miranda Lambert's new song, The House that Built Me. I love it too, but am most interested in her Dad's perspective in this short video. His honesty is so raw and you can't help but respect him for his deep desire to lead and provide for his family.

I believe that most men are wired like Mr. Lambert and it's up to the rest of us to support, love and respect each other.

3 Little Pigs ’10

 Three Little Pigs 2010

today don’t understand the importance of constructing their own lives.
Everything is prepackaged and they don’t even have to think for themselves
anymore. The lasting impact is still the same though; pigs that don’t build
their own “houses” can end up homeless on many fronts.

first little Piggy went to the virtual market and constructed a life and home
on the World Wide Web. The materials were not only cheap, they were free and
his life was easy to build. When the wolf named Reality stopped by and huffed
and puffed, the first piggy’s fake world disappeared. He had no friends and
nowhere to go. He had no job, nowhere to live, no life. So he went to live with
his brother, the second little pig.

Number Two had been given everything all of his life. This little piggy stayed
home. He never had to work, study or train to be anything more than the son of
two pigs. Father Pig had given Pig Number Two an expensive house and then
suddenly passed away, leaving massive debt behind. When a wolf named Bill came to huff,puff and collect; the house only shook at first, but eventually collapsed and the pigs lost
everything. Since neither brother had any skills or life, they had to
go to their youngest brother, the Third Little Pig.

the Third Little Pig was at a time in his life, when every day as he drove
from work he happily shouted “whee, whee, whee!” all the way home. This little
pig had built his house and life on a rock, out of bricks. Of course these
materials were costly and more difficult to come by, but the third pig
understood the dangers of wolves and shifting sand.

the Wolf’s wind blew, as it always does, the third pig’s house could not be
shaken. This made the wolf angry, so he climbed on the roof and tried to enter
the house through the chimney. The house had been converted to gas however, so
the defunct chimney was boarded up. The wolf couldn’t get in. Unable to climb down, the wolf stayed on the roof, screaming to be let in. His screams scare off evil predators who heard the three pigs were all under one roof, waiting to
be eaten.

    The third little Pig is a good pig and allows his brothers to live with him. Obviously he isn't married, nor does he hope to be anytime soon. He forces both his brothers to maintain jobs and to contribute to the monthly expenses.

     Many years later they thank their brother for not throwing them to the wolves and for giving them a true second life.

Ak 2008

Remember Me Forgets Audience

Pierce Brosnan
Billed as a romantic drama, my mom and I headed to Remember Me while the guys went to Percy Jackson. With our secret bottles of water, a small popcorn and M&M's, we sat back and prepared to be wowed. 

After finishing the whole bag, we still waited for the movie to pick up and get going.

And we waited. It never got going. 

Robert Pattinson wanted to prove that he was more than a teenage vampire and took a meatier role in Remember Me. In the words of Simon Cowell, I found it very "indulgent." Remember Me is boring, easy to forget and billing it as a romantic drama is a stretch. I honestly failed to see the romance.

Upon retrospection however, I do realize there is a strong theme which is very relevant to today's generation. The movie focuses on fathers who make bad decisions and value the wrong things over family. Great emphasis is placed on being a good dad even when times are tough. 

I love how both of the fathers in the movie don't allow tragedy or the culture to define them. Remember Me does offer a redeeming look at current fathers, but the movie as a whole is largely forgettable. 

Loving With Abandon

Wedding picture

Seventeen years ago today I married the love of my life. If I could write a letter and mail it back to him on our wedding day in 1993, this is how it would read:

Dear Steve,

Don't mean to scare ya, but we are in for one wild ride. After spending the past seven years together, there isn't a better decision we could make in marrying each other today. God has had his hand on us and He'll never let us go as individuals or as the couple that he brought together.

Within the next few months, our "in sickness and in health" vows will be greatly tested. God will choose to save me and our baby and we will go on to have our own basketball team. I highly advise that you stay at the top of your game. 

Continue to be the saver that you are, as I'll develop an affinity for little blue boxes from Tiffany & Co.

Hone your communication and problem solving skills. Don't forget what you learned in your business law classes, you'll draw deeply from that knowledge over the next decade. 

Continue to encourage me to write, it will take precisely 14 years, but I will listen and eventually use the college degree you helped pay for.

Also continue to save for your dream car, I don't want to totally spoil it but 9-1-1 is in your future and it's no emergency.

We will meet fabulous people who will love us and let us down. 

We will passionately love our family and friends, and we will let them down. 

We will try to be perfect, but will often fall short. Be gentle with both of us and stay open to receiving God's grace and forgiveness.

Know that I won't abandon our love, but I will love you with abandon.

Know that I will test your patience mightily. 

There will be ecstatic joy, searing pain and everything in between.

But most of all, know that through it all, I will love you and our sons with everything in me. 

Many, many years from now, I want to go out in a blaze of glory-

Holding your hand.

All my love,



Steal of a Deal

Today I have a guest post by JoAnne Bennett. Enjoy this wonderful story for such the perfect time as this! You can read more from and about JoAnne at Thank you JoAnne for sharing – it's been a pleasure!

A Steal of a Deal

 By JoAnne Bennett


    I had to have the priceless treasure sitting in the
back of the furniture store. Rushing home to share the steal of a deal with my husband, even his “you have got to be
kidding” look wouldn’t spoil my enthusiasm. Barely listening, he hemmed and
hawed that it would make our already tiny, front room look smaller. My mind was set
into motion on how we would get my cumbersome find home, much less through
our front door.

    “C’mon, we’ve got to get it before someone else takes
it,” I tried to convince him.

    I don’t know why he would question my good
intentions. In the past, I always managed
to get him to see things my way, or to at least agree with a half- smile of resignation, stating, “I married her.”

    Chuckling, I thought back to the time I asked him to peel
a 10-pound bag of potatoes for his own
surprise birthday party. 

    “You know sweetheart,” I said without a hint of
something up my sleeve, “I don’t make potato salad very often and it sure would
be nice to have some extra.”

    He didn’t act at all suspicious as to why I was making
enough potato salad to feed an army; rather he just shook his head, as if my
ambitious undertaking seemed much bigger than our stomachs.

    While making our way back to the furniture store, my
husband sat quietly in the car, apparently not too thrilled by my ongoing
sales presentation. 

     “And the kids will just love it,” I tried to assure him.

    I was sure he would change his mind when he saw the
object; a humongous empty refrigerator box. The perfect dream for hours of fun
entertainment, but it just wasn’t going to happen. 

    “This will never fit in our
van,” my husband declared.

    “Can we put it on top?” I asked him, feeling like if
there is a will, there must be a way.

    “Well, maybe we can just carry it home,” I suggested.

    I'd know that “no-way frown” anywhere. Standing behind the
furniture store, my husband was now faced with
the challenge of how to get a box bigger than he was, to our house over a mile away. As he began his long journey toward home, it appeared as though he was dancing with the box with his arms
wrapped around the middle, while trying to walk it several steps directly in
front of him.

 I was hoping no one would recognize him because he
would have blamed his irrational behavior on me. Moreover, the thought did
cross my mind that a police officer might stop and ask him what he was doing. I
could picture his irritated reply, “It’s my
new place of residence, better than any dog house.”

    My husband decided that
reaching his destination anytime soon was not going to be accomplished with his
snail-paced, dance moves.
After asking me not to follow him in the car anymore, I went home and
patiently waited for his arrival. Pacing back and forth, I knew he had every
reason to be unhappy with me. Some time later, my husband came into view,
trudging up the street looking like Santa Claus or the garbage collector. My husband is small in stature; in fact, it would be a
stretch to say he is a tall person.
Yet, there he was, completely bent over
with a six-foot refrigerator box balanced on his back. 

    Totally out of
breath from his journey, I helped him slide the box off his back. It was at that moment when I remembered why I was drawn to him so many years ago. Rather than lying on the ground defeated,
as if he had just run a marathon, he told me how our children’s
playhouse should have lots of cutout windows and a door that opens
and closes. What a wonderful, loving, and forgiving man he is; from the goodness
of his heart, he found a way to share my vision. Those sweetest of memories, as
funny as they are, will forever be captured in my heart.

Abandoment Connection

Today's post is brought to you by Time Wade; a friend, fellow writer and former truck-driver turned Baptist Minister. Thank you for sharing your powerful, redemptive story with us Tim! I appreciate your thoughts and guidance for dealing with abandonment.

Our world always needs hope. Tim can be reached HERE.



In Search of the Abandonment Connection

by Tim Wade


My brother and I grew up a latchkey children. He was six and I was eight when we began walking from the elementary school to our house one block away. We would arrive home each day just in time to catch the afternoon television line up.  I remember watching Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, and Happy Days and wondering why my parents never loved my brother and me the way the parents on TV loved their kids.


My brother and I were too young to know we were abandoned children. I did not know it was uncommon for a nine year old child to know how to cook a three-dish meal for a family of four, or wash, dry, and fold laundry, or clean a house as well as any adult. I did not know at age ten that I had lost my childhood, or that the depression I felt in my teens, and the inability to relate to my peers in my  twenties, was my due to the losses I had suffered as a child.


It would not be until I was in my late thirties approaching forty when I would finally make the connection between the emotional, physical, and spiritual abandonment of my youth, and the vulgar, abusive, sexually idolatrous, gluttonous behavior of my adult life. Blinded by years of pain, it was impossible for me to see how I was bleeding all over my world.


Characteristic among adults who were abandoned as children is the ability to recognize dysfunction both in childhood and adulthood. Equally characteristic is the inability to make the connection between the two. What follows are five observations about abandonment that I believe are key to understanding the connection between the pain a child feels from being abandoned, and the effect it has when that child becomes an adult.


  1. Abandonment comes in many forms. It is not uncommon for adults who were physically abandoned to also be abandoned spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. Because of its natural complexity, many adults fail to make the connection between physical abandonment and problems in different areas of their lives. The best way to connect these dots and make sense of the problems is to work with a trained Christian counselor.


  1. Abandoned children often grow up without boundaries.  For the wounded adult, the absence of childhood boundaries can easily become a license to sin. Childhood pain, however, is not an excuse to live as a victim without standards. Again, I suggest working with a Christian counselor who can help you establish boundaries and understand how to make the Bible your standard for living.


  1. Abandonment leaves behind a void. It is human nature to fill the void left by abandonment with aberrant behaviors such a sexual idolatry, abuse (verbal, physical, spiritual), and exclusion of others. It is God’s grace that allows us to see that behavior as a reaction to pain and forsake it, seeking instead an identity in God’s intended purpose for our lives according to the Bible. 


  1. The phrase “if only” kills. “If only my parents had paid attention.” “If only someone had told me what I was feeling wasn’t normal.” “If only God hadn’t let these things happen.” Regardless of the past, all that God gives us is the present. To live our lives to the fullest you and I have to put the past behind us, beginning with forgiving those who have hurt us. Only then will we be able to pick up the pieces of our lives and truly live.


  1. Abandonment is not a tool for witnessing to others about Jesus. Abandonment is what it is – loss. Our witness in Jesus Christ comes not from boasting in our loss – which does nothing more than draw attention to ourselves –  but rather from boasting in the Life Jesus gives in spite of that loss, and the subsequent victory we have by being forgiven of our sin.


I doubt this list offers any real comfort to the one who has lived their entire life with the pain of childhood abandonment, but as I have already pointed out, that’s not its purpose. The purpose of this list is to help the adult who was abandoned as child to begin to understand the cause and effect relationship between his past and his present. It is designed to help us see ourselves for what we have become in light of where we have been. Moreover, it testifies to the power of God who gives us hope, having promised to never leave us, or forsake us.

Men and Women of Steel


Photo by

    So here's the truth; Superman has never abandoned us. Born of The Great Depression, he came as a source of comfort to children and adults alike.

    I'm anxious to see not what, but whom, will rise up out of these economic ashes we're sorting through today.

    We're all holding out for a hero. But who says it has to be just one?

    How about a lot of heroes? What if you play the part?

    You've got everything you need, for just such a time as this. Everything you need to not abandon ship, but to press in closer,

to be the hero the world needs.

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday over at

Heroes always work for me!



John Eldredge Sitings


Fathered by God Tour 2009

Fathered by God Tour 2009

God spoke to me and changed my life through John Eldredge's book Wild at Heart. Now John is doing a 15 city tour in April and May. I highly recommend you run and get yourself a ticket.

Guys, this is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and as a bonus, for the women in your life. Ladies, this is a wonderful way to demonstrate respect and love for the men in your life. Find your closest city below…

 and just go.


Tour Dates

Columbus, GA 
April 18, 2009
Milton, GA
April 19, 2009
Weddington, NC
April 20, 2009
Springfield, VA
April 21, 2009
Franklin, TN
April 22, 2009
Dallas, TX
May 8, 2009
Austin, TX
May 9, 2009
Olmstead Falls, OH
May 10, 2009
Troy, MI
May 11, 2009
Maple Grove, MN
May 12, 2009
Wilsonville, OR
May 16, 2009
Bothell, WA
May 17, 2009
Lodi, CA
May 18, 2009
Irvine, CA
May 19, 2009
Mesa, AZ 
May 20, 2009

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