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Live from Saddleback

A couple of years ago I came to the Saddleback Worship Conference and loved it! I loved hanging with my people.

The conference kicked off last night with several amazing artists giving a great worship concert.  The amazing band Leeland brought the house down at the end of the night.  I cannot wait for the rest of this!  You can follow the conference live on Twitter and check out the Blog for the conference for constant updates and pictures.

A few weeks ago, I turned a lot of thirty-something. Like a light was switched off, everything feels different.  From slow metabolism to low tolerance for sound to aches and pains, it feels like it was a real milestone birthday!  So last night I am dressed in cute, hip tank top, flip flops, hanging with my people from Scottsdale Bible Church.  Everything feels so different though!  I froze in my sleeveless shirt, my feet killed from walking a long distance in flip flops, the music was too loud…..oh yes I feel old.

So today, I will be tackling the conference in a new way.  Sensible walking shoes, a shirt with sleeves, a sweater and ear plugs if I can find them…….I’m gonna let the kids – be the kids! 

It’s going to be a great day!

Me and Miss Vicky

Audrawithvickybeeching This is EMI recording artist Vicky Beeching whom I met at Lifework 2.0.  Yes, she is tiny and I am not.

She has a wonderfully done blog that you can read HERE and you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.  What I absolutely love about her blog, is that she writes it herself.  She is as smart as they come, funny and authentic.  The best word to describe her, as she would say – Brilliant!

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