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40 And Free

  • 40 is 35 years of a perfect family
  • 40 is 25 years of knowing my incredible husband
  • 40 is 29 weeks of carrying Keegan and the miracle of his survival
  • 40 is 8 and 9 lbs respectively of Mason and Landon's miraculous birth
  • 40 is 17 years of living the miracle of marriage every day
  • 40 is 37 years and finally answering God's call on my life
  • 40 is 29 and publicly proclaiming my faith and living fully for God
  • 40 is 27 and moving to Arizona to be part of a deeply blessed community of friends/family
  • 40 is even 8 trips to the ER in 6 months and the miracle of great health care
  • 40 is a 7 day cruise with the 4 loves of my life
  • 40 is 5/31, Memorial Day. Perfect, as my heart overflows with gratitude and deep respect for all the soldiers who give everything so I can be 40 and free.


Airport Insecurity

Turns out Las Vegas has some new, uh very open security screening. I had the displeasure of experiencing it this past week. 

Approaching the belt, I encountered a gruff agent, hands on hips and bent forward from the waist.

"Do you have any metal at all in your body?"


"Any metal whatsoever, including gum wrappers in your pockets?"


"Proceed to the left inside the cage."

"What the?"

"Stand with your feet farther apart than that. Now place both hands above your head and lock your fingers."

I honestly thought it was a joke. Any second a pole was going to drop and my next instruction would be "Move your hips like yeah." It was Vegas after all.

Seriously, I felt violated standing there wondering if my deodorant was working. 

It was a real party in the USA.

Next time I will request a private screening to avoid the embarrassment, but I'm gonna need my boots on boys, if I have to dance.

Not Tonight Honey

Here is a link to my most recent article on

Not Tonight, Honey … I’m Blogging + Test Yourself: Are You Addicted?| Mom Sense.

Found Art

Found-Art-Cover-206x300 Even the cover of this is delicious! You're gonna want your own copy of this one, just to savor the texture in your hands.

If you enjoyed Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist you will love Found Art. Leeana writes of finding beauty in foreign places. It's a memoir of her year living in the Middle East with her navy SEAL husband during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

With her beautiful artist's eye, Leeana's literary collage is a picture of love, loss, hope and belief. Take the journey with her as she deepens her faith, you will be blessed as well.

Leeana is living my dream; she lives in my happiest place on earth (Coronado, CA) with her young twins, her first book and husband Steve. I already have my own amazing Steve, and after my first book comes out, I move to Coronado and one of my boys has twins, Leanna and I will virtually be twins! I'll bet she can hardly wait.

This book is a don't miss. My mom even agrees and that is all you need to hear.

Follow Leeana at


Writing Conference Prep

Well I'm inside 48 hours until departure for the Writing for the Soul conference in Denver. I cannot wait. As a third year vet, I'm going in with a whole new attitude. First, I won't be so nervous since I've attended before. I'm also more prepared than ever; I've got a book proposal in hand. I'm so excited to hear what publishers are looking for, what's hot right now and hopefully get some creative feedback on how I can improve my craft. 

Also they've moved the conference to Denver, so no high altitude headaches that I battle in Colorado Springs.

As you attend writer's conferences, here are a few of my top tips:

  • No matter what stage you're at in your writing, bring something to show. I once brought a humor piece on woodpeckers. Ridiculous. Weirdly, that one has never been purchased. Yet it shows that I can write humor, which has led to other writing jobs.
  • Writing is a business so dress like it. Leave your coffee stained turtlenecks on the floor of your closet at home.
  • On the same note, if you wear glasses and/or contacts, choose the contacts. Smudged lens and stretched out frames do not a writer make.
  • Further, leave your rabbit foot, good vibe rituals, lucky "I heart Anne Lamott" t-Shirt and mood rings at home. Let your writing do all the talking.
  • Most of all, have fun. You've invested the money, now put in the time enjoying your people.

What’s Yours?

Jean Paul Gaultier Comes to Target: Stores to Undergo Major Facelift – DailyFinance.

So the latest to go under the knife is Target. They’re having major work done; including placing implants in the beauty section, rolling out a new shoe department, enhancing the video game department, injecting the home improvement section and bringing in temporary store beauty aids.

 I’m sure the whole thing began in Scottsdale, AZ, home of plastic surgery.

I ask you though, what is your target this year? What are you going to implant, enhance, inject or improve?

Actually this has made me think about what I’m going to do. Today I finished a marathon I had been running in my writing world. Now that I’m coming off the runner’s high, I’m getting excited about what’s next. I want to be intentional though, about rest and recovery. 

Every journey must build that in, it’s critical for facelifts of any kind.

Disco Elves

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Never Cone Alone


If only it had been as beautiful as this picture.

For one thing, ear candling isn't typically a "spa" type experience for me. My first encounter with it was back in the late 90's. My mom, sister and I had heard of ear candling and thought we would try it for ourselves. We decided to party like it was 1999 and ended up burning a hole in mom's brand new comforter. We did the procedure on each other, anxiously cut open the candle and shrieked, hooted and hollered over the disgusting amount of wax inside each candle. We didn't know then, that the wax was simply beeswax from the candles. Good times.

Fast forward a decade later. Our three boys are out of the house for the night. My husband and I haven't been alone or on a date in six weeks. We've got the house to ourselves for 12 solid hours. After watching an old episode of CSI New York, I announce at 9:30 that it's time for bed. And that I'll be needing some help with some ear candles.

"Why can't you just do it on your own?"

"It says right here on the box, "Never cone alone!" 

"Oh my gosh. First, you're tired and want to go to bed at 9:30, then you want me to jam a candle in your ear and light it. Wow."

"I have to do this!"

 I was trying to avoid having the doctor do it. 

I got all the supplies; a lighter, the candles, a small paper plate and a slightly damp paper towel. And so it began.

The candle was hard to light. Once it did, the flame shot up, sometimes leaping over 6 inches high. My inner ear felt like it was on fire. My brave husband battled the flame, trying to keep my long hair from catching on fire. Neither one of us knew what was happening, but as the flame kept growing, we had to end prematurely. The slightly damp paper towel was no match for the now flaming torch. Finally, the flame ground out on the tiny paper plate.

I decided to forego the other ear realizing that is exactly how two highly educated people burn their house down.

The kids are gone again tonight. 

It's just my husband and me. 

Whatever will we do? 

Nothing involving those type of candles!

I cried tonight


Oooooh, they let my boy go on American Idol tonight. Since we go to Church together at Scottsdale Bible Church, I feel like he's one of my own. I wish Simon would have saved Scott. I'm confident however, that Scott is going to be just fine.

He was saved a long time ago.

Listen Mom, I’m Tweeting!


It's been a regular infirmary around here for weeks. Each boy has caught various viruses,now my husband is sick and today my throat is very sore.

The latest lad to go down was our youngest. I had him at the Doctor yesterday, because of a high fever and barking cough. This is how "in" to social media the fam is:

    Cough, bark, high pitched wheeze.

    "Listen Mom! I'm not barking….I'm tweeting, just like on twitter!"

And sure enough, he wasn't barking anymore, the wheeze sounds just like a certain little bluebird……

I tell you, it makes a mother proud.

But seriously, if you're not on twitter, get on. It's free. I have received two radio interviews and countless writing connections, all because of twitter.

Follow me @Audrakrell. I'll follow you back.

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