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Lizard and Scorpion Sanctuary

Cimg0818 I know it’s blurry but you can see that it’s a lizard, and it’s inside our house.  I was walking by the stairs the other day and thought I saw a large leaf. No, it was this lizard, just sitting still on the carpeted stairs, probably making it’s way toward my bed.

August is a rough month around AZ.  I thought after eleven years I was getting used to the heat, but then yesterday hit.  They said it was supposed to be 110, I think it was higher than that.  Today it’s supposed to hit 114.  It saps all your energy.

We’re finding scorpions inside the house daily now, sometimes more than once. Last night, there was one that was just a little smaller than this lizard. I had a hard time killing it, it wouldn’t die and I tore up some of the grout on our tile trying to do it.

Bear Country

Cimg0798 This is the beautiful country I was blessed to grow up in, in Colorado.  Right in the mountains, nestled amongst the trees, whispering pines and lots of wildlife.

I was sitting in a park at the public swimming pool last night, talking with a classmate from 20 years ago.  As we were talking, my friend looked over my shoulder, squinted and then told me there was a bear.  I turned and was stunned and scared to death to see a large brown bear heading toward us.  I grabbed my purse and we ran, which I’m sure wasn’t a brilliant thing to do, but when you are learning "bear safety" you don’t ever really believe you’ll encounter one. Especially in a public place.  Well it does happen, and trust me, he wasn’t there for the class of ’88 reunion.

Coffee,Writer’s Snacks and Yoga

It’s a great day.  I slept a little better last night and then went to the gym. I  climbed the stairs for 20 minutes and then practiced Yoga for an hour.  The Frog pose really released my hips and there is now, a little pep in my step. I went to the store and got 3 bags of writer’s snacks and two cups of coffee.  Hurried home and wrote like a mad woman, actually I let God do the typing and we came up with some good stuff.

As a Christian I often hear lots of controversy surrounding yoga.  I can only speak for myself and say that it’s one of my most connected times with God.  There are many kinds of Yoga and I attend a Yoga 101 class.  I can go at my own pace that way and no one is leading me in a chant to Hindu gods.  From the moment I hit my mat, I begin my breath prayer "Abba, I belong to you."  You breathe in on counts of "Abba" and exhale on "I belong to you."  I visually watch and imitate the instructor, the whole hour praying and talking to God. 

Yes, I know that yoga means "yoked."  I choose to be yoked with God.  He says in His Word, His burden is light and I find this to be especially true. Because I only bow to God the Father, I do not bow to the instructor, or the inner god within him.  So I don’t say "Namaste" at the end.

People have asked why I would put myself in a dark room with non-believing, idol worshiping people.  I find it no different than being at Costco, Safeway, the Doctors office or out in the world in general.  It’s an opportunity to be a light, but mostly it’s a cherished time to go before God and just be with Him for an hour.

I have a good friend that always says that "some people can’t be trusted to be let out of the Church."  That means that Yoga isn’t right for everyone.  It wouldn’t have been right for me ten years ago.  You have to ask yourself if it’s right for you and God, and then do whatever it is that He has told you to do.


Starbucks Tour Stop

Cimg0684_edited This is at the Starbucks in Franklin, Tennessee.  It was my second one of the day, turned out I needed it to stay up for the Cinco De Mayo fiesta we went to that night.  Actually I needed the caffeine to stay up for the next several days.  Sleep was very limited on this trip, and now I am paying for it big time.  I wouldn’t change a thing though-

I have implemented a few of the web applications I learned about and have increased my blog traffic by 50%.  With only three days in to the new changes, I am really pleased with the increase.  Thank you for reading so faithfully.

Boot Camp

Does your life ever go in "themes"?  I find that mine does, all the time.  One of them has been a Boot Camp theme for the past two weeks.

A couple of Saturday’s ago, I went to a Publishing Boot Camp.  It was really good.  I have since entered writing contests and submitted several articles to various publications.  The "camp" also inspired me to start my new book.  You can check out the writer’s association that hosted the morning HERE.

Then this morning, was my first Boot Camp at the gym.  I have written before about a few of my most irrational fears.  One of them is that I will be forced to join the Army and I’ll have to do push ups in the ocean like GI Jane.  Well minus the ocean, I found myself sort of facing my worst fears at 5:30 this morning. 

The instructor/drill Sargent was wearing camo pants!  He had watermelons for upper arms and a deep, all business, commanding voice.  We started with a million push ups, 2 million crunches and then came the sprints.  Full length of the gym, fast as you can, sprints.  We capped all that off with lunges, more crunches, "mountain climbers," throwing a medicine ball around and finishing with more push ups.

When I got home, I could barely walk up the stairs. 

It’s 9:16am, is it time for bed yet?

The Liver Part Deux

I mentioned earlier that God had been speaking with me about the health of my liver.  I have since ran into our doctor friend at the baseball field and will be seeing him again on Wednesday.  He is an orthopedic doctor and will be taking a look at our oldest son’s freshly broken wrist.  The Advil has been back out my friends, and boy is it hard to stay on the wagon.  The good Doctor also informed me that Advil causes kidney damage.  Whoa.

So back to my liver.  When God speaks in three’s I know He is more than serious, but fours?  I better really listen and obey.  I just finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love a couple of weeks ago.  In it, one of her characters is a Balinese man that tells Liz she needs to "Even smile in your liver."  I decided to try it and it has been great!  Whenever I pray or stretch at the gym, I think about smiling in my liver.  It releases my lower back.  I love to smile in my liver.  That’s one of those things you never thought you’d find yourself saying in life.  But I am pretty sure, that Jesus likes it when I smile in my liver.

Last week the wise Mom sent me an article on plastics.  Some of the nasty,old, cut up plastic we eat and drink off around here has been emitting toxins that the liver just can’t process.  I have thrown away plastic bowls from eleven years ago. And the cute plastic ducky cup my husband had from when he was a kid?  I would have burned that thing if the fumes wouldn’t have killed us all instantly.  It’s amazing any of us are still alive.  I am trying to only eat off regular plates and drink from glasses!

So for optimum liver health you need to just do four things:

  1. Drink Liver Detoxifying tea
  2. Don’t eat or drink off plastics including plastic water bottles
  3. Do not take Ibuprofen
  4. And most importantly, turn that frown upside down and always, always

         Smile in your liver while you pray.

To Tea Or Not to……

I have never liked tea.  Iced tea, hot tea, it doesn’t matter.  I do love however, Iced Chai tea lattes.  They are a black tea with tons of caffeine, milk and sugar.  I have the feeling it really doesn’t count as tea.

So, God has been talking to me about my liver.  Yep, my liver.  We have a friend that is a doctor, and sometimes he is even our doctor who happens to be a friend, but he says Advil causes severe liver damage.  Since I just went through my "Advil is Candy" phase, I am feeling a little scared.  Then there is the hit my liver took back in the early 90’s, that little fella almost shut down completely.  (I know my liver is probably a boy because it’s tough!) One of my most famous "Audraisms" came out at that time when I asked my mom the brilliant question "Can a person live without their liver?"

So, I have started noticing things that I can do about liver health.There are many detoxifying teas out there.  I bought one at random at Safeway, and let me just say that I love it!!!  It has black pepper and ginger in it, and I put some fresh lemon juice in it, right off my very own tree and it is delightful.  A little exercise, some stretching and my tea, I’ve been sleeping like a baby.

Treat yourself to a little something, go and get yourself some Everyday Detox to promote Healthy Liver Function by Traditional Medicinals.  When your liver starts humming along right again, you’ll thank me!

New Kicks=Old Age

Well I got some new running shoes yesterday.  My feet had been falling asleep whenever I worked out on the cardio equipment at the gym, for about the past nine months.  It was progressively getting worse so I thought it was time for new shoes before a disaster happened.  I was helped by a very knowledgeable lady at Foot Locker who ascertained that my previous shoes were too small.  Brilliant. 

As I was walking all around trying out different pairs, she said, "Oh, I should have told you, I put an orthopedic insert in those for you."  What???  I told her that I don’t want to be old enough for orthotics and she just laughed.  Man they feel good though, kind of wish I hadn’t waited so long.

So I go to the gym this morning, and they have all brand new equipment.  I step onto what I thought was an elliptical, but it was some kind of machine of death.  It has like a half ski boot for you to step into and then you start "climbing" stairs or taking looooong strides.  I was completely spazzing on the thing, almost ruined my knee and came close to breaking the machine at one point. Between not knowing how to use the machine and my new shoe inserts, I felt old.  I looked great however, in my new shoes.

Mark Rukavina of iMemories has a great post Here on how women are actually more tech savvy than men.  It’s absolutely fascinating, check it out for yourself!

What about you?  Where do you fit in to this crazy, ever changing world? Do you feel as young as you are? 

Would some inserts change your whole world, make you a happier person?  I know when I feel better, and my feet are awake, everything is pretty great!

3rd Favorite Time of the Year

Slide2_441601_country_awards_nomina It’s that time again, the Academy of Country Music Awards will be held on May 18 in Las Vegas and of course will be nationally televised.  This is a picture of Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley announcing the nominees.

I love this time of year, because as a  member of the Academy, it’s gift time!  I love it when strangers speak my love language. Previous gifts have included guitar picks, chocolate bars, posters, free downloads, and my favorite, tons of free Cd’s!

Yesterday Taylor Swift’s CD arrived, best part was I didn’t have that CD.  Worst part, she is so overplayed that my boys don’t want to hear her, ever again really. 

She is the only artist that wrote or co-wrote every single song on her CD.  I am loving hearing all her stuff that doesn’t get played.  She has a very beautiful voice.  So, a shout out to Taylor – it worked!  You sent me your CD and now I’m sending in my vote, thanks!

WCW (Name Fan Club)

6546246_1886838 Hey everybody it’s Watercooler Wednesday.  Check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos blog for all things creative.Wcwlogo_2

Growing up, there was never anything personalized with my name on it.  I loved those racks of mugs with the rainbows on them, except for the fact that "Audra" was never under the rainbow, never, not once.  Breathlessly I’d rush up to the spinning rack and search, ever so hopeful that this would be the day.  One time in the ten, the closest I would get would be "Audrey."

Tonight I learned that God’s timing isn’t my timing and that if I just wait on the Lord, He will always be faithful.  I found the best website where all my dreams can come true at

I started by ordering a set of shirts for the entire family with the above logo on them, never mind that I am the only girl in the family.  Next I added a personalized tote bag, bumper sticker, hoodie, and get this, A THROW PILLOW! to my cart.  They even have a women’s tracksuit (I didn’t know people were still calling them that!) with my name front and center. But wait there’s more.  Underneath my tracksuit, I’ll wear my new "Steve is My Homeboy" t-shirt.

In French and Lithuanian Audra means storm.  Guess I’m living up to the name with my shopping frenzy.

I think the boys are going to kill me.

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