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Smarter Than A Blog Host

Welcome to my new home! I took on WordPress and WordPress almost won, but the good guys scored enough points and here I am. I plan to be very happy here. Gonna bloom where I’m planted. I feel smarter than a blog host.

And then there is the old saying, “Pride goeth before a blog fall.”

Hoping it won’t be so.

For those of you who were subscribed before, please subscribe again and for those who haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?

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The Blogger Picture

Three blogs at the top of my world this week.

CopyBlogger: Copywriting tips for online marketing success. Everyone in business needs this.

Freelance Writing Jobs: This valuable site takes reader suggested post topics,advertises writing contests, and best of all; real, paying writing jobs. Love it.

The Simple Dollar: Their tag line says it all. "Financial Talk for the Rest of Us". Founder Trent Hamm has a self-proclaimed passion for writing and personal finance. He's my new virtual best friend since we have much in common. He makes a lot of pop culture references in his writing. I love it, because now that I've hit that 40 mark, someone's got to keep me in touch with what's going on.

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