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Smarter Than A Blog Host

Welcome to my new home! I took on WordPress and WordPress almost won, but the good guys scored enough points and here I am. I plan to be very happy here. Gonna bloom where I’m planted. I feel smarter than a blog host.

And then there is the old saying, “Pride goeth before a blog fall.”

Hoping it won’t be so.

For those of you who were subscribed before, please subscribe again and for those who haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?

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Know Groundwire

What I wouldn't have done to have a group like this when I was a teenager. Groundwire uses technology to connect young people with the gospel of Jesus. 

I'm passionate about our millennials and young people. Sadly, they are considered the lost generation. I love promoting the work the good folks of Groundwire do, because it lines up with my personal mission. I write so that no one feels abandoned. 

Groundwire exists to bring our young people home. If you are struggling with cutting, eating disorders, depression or other problems, log onto Groundwire for Spiritual coaching and a safe place where you won't be judged or shunned.

Day or night, someone is waiting to talk, pray, encourage and listen.

The Blogger Picture

Three blogs at the top of my world this week.

CopyBlogger: Copywriting tips for online marketing success. Everyone in business needs this.

Freelance Writing Jobs: This valuable site takes reader suggested post topics,advertises writing contests, and best of all; real, paying writing jobs. Love it.

The Simple Dollar: Their tag line says it all. "Financial Talk for the Rest of Us". Founder Trent Hamm has a self-proclaimed passion for writing and personal finance. He's my new virtual best friend since we have much in common. He makes a lot of pop culture references in his writing. I love it, because now that I've hit that 40 mark, someone's got to keep me in touch with what's going on.

Can’t Afford Not to Get DVR


I was thinking of changes I've made over the past five years, changes that have been for the better. A big one is the huge amount of TV I don't watch.

I have a few select shows I love like 24 and Lost, which are both ending this season, along with my life as I know it. But I digress.  

When I do watch my shows, I don't watch commercials. That is the secret. I don't know about all the things that I cannot live without. No idea what I'm so desperately missing. I'm much more content in my life and the abundance of what I have.

So how do I do it? DVR of course. You may think you can't afford it, but I'll tell you what you can't afford. Another XL Dominoes Heart Attack in a pizza box, ridiculous medications designed to "enhance"  your life, cheap jewelry, expensive perfume, skinny "Dad" jeans, fat mortgages on larger homes, big loans, and small savings accounts. 

If you're gonna watch TV, invest in a DVR and skip the propaganda purposely designed to make you feel you have a void in your life.

After all, everyone knows that if you've got Jack Bauer, you've got it all.

Laptop in the Kitchen

Works_for_me_wednesday This Wednesday is a theme edition over at Shannon’s blog.  We have to give our best tip as to what works for us in keeping the kitchen organized.

We keep an old laptop in the kitchen.  It’s in perfect view of everyone walking by, so there’s no illegal Internet surfing! We use it to help with homework and to look up phone numbers.  The biggest things we use are Google Docs and Cozi to keep the whole family updated on events we have throughout the week.  We put our grocery list on Cozi and my husband can access the family calendar from work.

When I am more organized overall, I can keep my kitchen better organized in general. Organization on any level, works for me. 

Don’t forget to check out and enter my giveaway from Monday’s post.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Here’s a quick weekend tech tip:  Facebook has a new version out.  Go to and your Facebook will automatically be changed into the new format.

I joined Facebook a few months ago, so I just finally got used to it and began to understand the difference between my wall, superwall and funwall.  I was pretty thrown with the new design, but the great thing is you can toggle back to your old Facebook if you click the button "old Facebook" up in the right hand corner.

Thanks to my son for showing me the new Facebook.  After you and I become "friends," check out the hilarious video he made yesterday, it’s on my page and called "Worst Movie Ever Made."  My son is the one in the chicken costume, seems our family has a thing for dressing up like cows and chickens lately. 

Watercooler Wednesday (No Air)

Wcwlogo_2 Hey everybody!  I’ve missed you guys around the watercooler the past few weeks.  Check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos Blog Here, for all kinds of cool chatter!

Well, the most special person in my life, knows who this post is dedicated to.  Yes honey, it’s you!

Apple_3 I only have one question for you?  How am I supposed to write with no Mac Book Air?

Now that I have the iPhone, I’m dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of the next toy. Guess I better get busy and sell a few articles! 

I love you Stephen, you know I’m just playin with you.  Okay, well maybe not so much.  An artist must have the best tools…. 

Watercooler Wednesday (The Kindle)

Hey everybody it’s Watercooler Wednesday!  Check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos blog for all kinds of cool,creative conversation.Wcwlogo_2

Today I submit to you: The Kindle.  My husband gave me an amazing product for Christmas.  It’s an e-book where I can download most of the bestsellers in under a minute.  I can also have a variety of daily newspapers waiting for me when I wake up in the morning.

Today’s question is this: What is your opinion on e-books?  Would you or do you miss the deliciousness of holding a book in your hands?  The smell of the pages, the slick feeling of the cover, the raised letters in the titles, the broke in feeling of a well loved book?  Or has a fire been started inside you and you’re ready to move on to lighted, light speed digital stories? 

It’s mixed for me.  I am allergic to news print, so we haven’t taken a paper in decades.  I love the wireless ease of downloading a new book, but I miss the beautiful comfort of having all my old friends around me.

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