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3 Little Pigs ’10

 Three Little Pigs 2010

today don’t understand the importance of constructing their own lives.
Everything is prepackaged and they don’t even have to think for themselves
anymore. The lasting impact is still the same though; pigs that don’t build
their own “houses” can end up homeless on many fronts.

first little Piggy went to the virtual market and constructed a life and home
on the World Wide Web. The materials were not only cheap, they were free and
his life was easy to build. When the wolf named Reality stopped by and huffed
and puffed, the first piggy’s fake world disappeared. He had no friends and
nowhere to go. He had no job, nowhere to live, no life. So he went to live with
his brother, the second little pig.

Number Two had been given everything all of his life. This little piggy stayed
home. He never had to work, study or train to be anything more than the son of
two pigs. Father Pig had given Pig Number Two an expensive house and then
suddenly passed away, leaving massive debt behind. When a wolf named Bill came to huff,puff and collect; the house only shook at first, but eventually collapsed and the pigs lost
everything. Since neither brother had any skills or life, they had to
go to their youngest brother, the Third Little Pig.

the Third Little Pig was at a time in his life, when every day as he drove
from work he happily shouted “whee, whee, whee!” all the way home. This little
pig had built his house and life on a rock, out of bricks. Of course these
materials were costly and more difficult to come by, but the third pig
understood the dangers of wolves and shifting sand.

the Wolf’s wind blew, as it always does, the third pig’s house could not be
shaken. This made the wolf angry, so he climbed on the roof and tried to enter
the house through the chimney. The house had been converted to gas however, so
the defunct chimney was boarded up. The wolf couldn’t get in. Unable to climb down, the wolf stayed on the roof, screaming to be let in. His screams scare off evil predators who heard the three pigs were all under one roof, waiting to
be eaten.

    The third little Pig is a good pig and allows his brothers to live with him. Obviously he isn't married, nor does he hope to be anytime soon. He forces both his brothers to maintain jobs and to contribute to the monthly expenses.

     Many years later they thank their brother for not throwing them to the wolves and for giving them a true second life.

Ak 2008


Christmas Letters


There are two types of Christmas letters. One is the four page, single spaced, double sided, depressing, shoot- me- now letter. The other is the one I usually send out. All the accolades I can pack onto one page, highlighting my kid's Student Council Presidency, Honor Society, Ministry involvement, music awards, sports highlights and charity volunteerism. I've heard those make the average reader a little sick. 

But this year I didn't send one out. It would have been the year to do it. Our family collectively suffered a nasty ankle sprain, chronic sinus infections, Croup, Wry Neck, double foot surgery, an appendectomy, a Grade III concussion which rendered our son momentarily blind, disease in both knees, at least 6 ER visits, two hospital stays, and probably a Partridge in a Pear Tree. The list was so unbelievable that I couldn't bring myself to write it. So I thought I would do it differently this year.

It's simple really. God has never been better to us. After every valley, I would have mountain top moments where I needed to "tell it on the mountain." 

Jesus Christ is born and He loves all of us deeply.

 He has brought Peace.

Am I anxious for these trying medical times to be over? Absolutely. I cannot wait for 2010, only because I know the best is yet come.

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