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Airport Insecurity

Turns out Las Vegas has some new, uh very open security screening. I had the displeasure of experiencing it this past week. 

Approaching the belt, I encountered a gruff agent, hands on hips and bent forward from the waist.

"Do you have any metal at all in your body?"


"Any metal whatsoever, including gum wrappers in your pockets?"


"Proceed to the left inside the cage."

"What the?"

"Stand with your feet farther apart than that. Now place both hands above your head and lock your fingers."

I honestly thought it was a joke. Any second a pole was going to drop and my next instruction would be "Move your hips like yeah." It was Vegas after all.

Seriously, I felt violated standing there wondering if my deodorant was working. 

It was a real party in the USA.

Next time I will request a private screening to avoid the embarrassment, but I'm gonna need my boots on boys, if I have to dance.


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