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Found Art

Found-Art-Cover-206x300 Even the cover of this is delicious! You're gonna want your own copy of this one, just to savor the texture in your hands.

If you enjoyed Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist you will love Found Art. Leeana writes of finding beauty in foreign places. It's a memoir of her year living in the Middle East with her navy SEAL husband during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

With her beautiful artist's eye, Leeana's literary collage is a picture of love, loss, hope and belief. Take the journey with her as she deepens her faith, you will be blessed as well.

Leeana is living my dream; she lives in my happiest place on earth (Coronado, CA) with her young twins, her first book and husband Steve. I already have my own amazing Steve, and after my first book comes out, I move to Coronado and one of my boys has twins, Leanna and I will virtually be twins! I'll bet she can hardly wait.

This book is a don't miss. My mom even agrees and that is all you need to hear.

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