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Feelings Don’t Define You

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Whatever you feel today doesn’t mean you are.

If you feel sad, it doesn’t mean you are a sad person.
If you feel mad, you aren’t an angry person.
If you feel frazzled and out of control, you aren’t crazy.
If you feel discouraged, you aren’t a negative person.
If you feel empty, you aren’t alone.
If you feel unloved, you aren’t unloveable.
If you feel loved (or even when you don’t), you are.

Everyday. Feelings and all.

Creator God loves you no matter what. Forever.


What I Feel

So much thought centers not on feelings, but on choice actions. For example, even when we don't "feel" like it, we are to respect others, love unconditionally,etc. I know if we wait for feelings to always be there, we won't do much.

Today however, I was encouraged by the way I feel. 

The past three months have taught me about things in the medical field. I've learned about lots that I wish I had never heard of. Wry neck, Post Traumatic Memory Loss, Post Concussive Syndrome, the difference between a Neuroradiologist and a Neurologist and that CT stands for computed tomography, not cat. 

So in short, I feel like a Doctor. 

Okay, that's not what I feel like, a nurse maybe, but I digress. Even after not performing the actions that others define as strong, I realize that being strong isn't about what I do, but about how I feel. 

Through the past three months, God has made me feel strong. 

And deeply humbled and grateful.

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