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Did They Hear What I Hear?

Sunday morning was another one of "those" morning for me, the kind where I sit in Church and weep. Our 17- year old, Keegan, played guitar in big church. His gorgeous sound filled the main speakers and with every finger pluck, every strum, I could barely keep it together.

And it's not just because he's ours. His playing enables my relationship with my Creator. I have a greater ability to worship and thank God as his guitar ushers me to throne room. I hear significance, power and love from our father in Heaven.

But get this, at exactly the same moment, yet precisely 2407 miles from Scottsdale, 14- year- old Mason led worship at Beach Community Church in Costa Rica. He stood in front of his brothers and sisters and poured out his heart with his guitar. 

Some of these wonderful people had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. 

Others began to figure out who they were, they found their identity in Christ.

And it's my prayer, that they heard what I heard and that they too,

felt the mountains tremble.


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