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Back to School Survival

Well I made it. Monday marked the start of school for the 3 boys. We now have a senior, freshman and freshman in middle school as he likes to call himself. The emotions of "all things back to school" can take their toll, so I have made a handy acrostic to help you survive the start of school. 

Starbucks: Right after the little cherubs are safely at school, hit Starbucks or the like. You will be in desperate need of the ever popular stimulant and its positive effects. Caffeine has been proven to increase attentiveness. You'll want to be awake to watch your chick flicks, read your chick-lit, chew a Chiclet and to just be a chick.

Chocolate: It has caffeine.It prevents chick fits. See above. 

Hershey's Kisses: Little chocolate drops of love and affirmation. See above.

Organize: Your day around chocolate. If you need a reason, see above.

Object: To anyone who wants to tell you about the negative affects of caffeine. Remind her that no one likes a Negative Nelly.

Lava Cake: The perfect meal any time of day. It packs protein,fats, vitamins and carbs into one heavenly slice. Plus it has antioxidants which have cancer fighting properties.

Follow my SCHOOL acrostic or think chocolate and you'll be just fine.


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