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Some Conference Highlights

This past weekend was the 10th Anniversary of the Christian Writer's Guild Writing for the Soul Conference. It was tremendous.

A couple of highlights:

Max Lucado was the keynote one evening. He reminded me that I will never write better than I live. I want to be a good writer. I better live well.

Phil Vischer surprised me with his powerful story. He created VeggieTales in 1990 and has a new company called Jellyfish Labs. The real story however, is in the way God moved in his life. Reaching a place of utter brokenness, Phil is now able to integrate faith in a fresh and authentic way, through his new company. I encourage you to check out his story, you'll be glad you did.

And a classic Audra moment:

At dinner one evening I sat next to a Neurologist, who was accompanying his writer wife. I let 30 minutes go by before asking if I could get his opinion on a medical question. He welcomed my question and I launched into Landon's story of his severe head injury. I threw out all my big terms: post traumatic memory loss, post concussive syndrome, etc. I wrapped up with, "So in your opinion is it normal for him to have these headaches for so long?"

"I really couldn't say, that's out of my area of expertise," he said.

"But you're a Neurologist."

"I'm a Urologist."

I died a thousand deaths.

"Well, you'll be happy to know my son's urine is a pale yellow, he seems really hydrated. . ."


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