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When Good Parents Are Bad Sports

IStock_000014694151XSmall Is it Scottsdale or does it happen everywhere? Great fathers. Doting, kind mothers, turn into lunatics when their sons and daughters take the floor at a sporting event.

Parents reliving what they wish their lives had been is becoming an epidemic.

Children take heart, I'm here with several tips for managing your unruly parent:

  • Acknowledge your parent's feelings. Let them know that while you don't approve of their bad behavior, you understand how frustrating it is that their childhood dreams didn't turn out like they wanted.
  • Keep a bag of healthy snacks with you at all times. A hungry parent is often an angry parent. Plus, peeling pistachios or dipping carrots in ranch dressing might just keep their mind off every move you, the umpire or the coaches make.
  • Remind your parent that they will probably become frustrated again during games. Visualize together,ways they could behave differently the next time. 
  • Offer your parent several choices. Parents like choices. It makes them feel like they're in control. Example: Either they only scream at the 12- year- old volunteer referee 5 times or they can choose to sit in the time- out chair. 
  • Perplexed about how long a time-out should be? A good rule of thumb is one minute per year of age. Most parents are at least old enough to get you through half time at an average sporting event.

When all else fails children, take heart. This too shall pass. 


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